Does Randall Become President On 'This Is Us'?

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Does Randall Become President On 'This Is Us'?

The end of This Is Us is near, and with it, the reveal of the final fates of the Big Three. While we have gotten glimpses into the future of this trio, we don't know where they'll end up in life when the final episode airs. However, there is one theory as to what happens to Randall Pearson by the end of This Is Us — and it's kind of major. Does Randall become President in the future within the This Is Us universe?

It's not completely out of the question — and there have been some clues that it's a possibility. In the most recent episode, titled "Every Version of You," Randall embarks on a road trip with a dying Rebecca, despite the fact that a senator has been eager to have a meeting with him — which is quite the big deal for a Philadelphia councilman. Yet for Randall, his time with his mom takes priority, so he keeps "kicking the can down the road" despite knowing full well that the meeting with the Senator could be be major for his career.

By the end of his time with Rebecca, however, she tells him to take the meeting — she refuses to be one of the things that holds him back from living a big life. Randall calls his assistant, Jae-Won, to set up the meeting.

Sure, this could just be a way to show that Rebecca's influence on her kids will allow them to live their biggest lives possible — if not for something that happened during the flashback scenes earlier in the episode. In flashbacks, Randall, Kevin, and Kate get stuck in the now-empty community pool, where they spent a majority of their childhoods. Randall is able to pursue the security guard who catches them from pressing charges, using Jack's death as a reason why the family has fallen apart. However, he also says something else: That he can't have an arrest on his record, because he could become President some day.

This may just be a throwaway joke — Randall knows he's the most capable of the Pearson trio — but it's interesting considering all signs have pointed to Randall as becoming a very big deal in politics. At Kate's future wedding to Phillip, we see Randall is featured in a magazine article in which he's dubbed a "Rising Star." That's a clue he's moved his political aspirations beyond city council — but could those aspirations go all the way to the White House?

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Maybe. For one thing, Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing, has already stated that he wants actor Sterling K. Brown to play the President, should there ever be a reboot of the show. (While the reboot has yet to happen, Brown did play the role of White House Chief of Staff Leo McGarry in a benefit special in 2020.) And come on: Randall is pretty presidential, right? I mean, the guy has a million inspirational speeches in his back pocket for whenever his daughters need a pep talk — why not tell them to the whole country next?

We have no idea where Randall will go on This Is Us, which is part of the its appeal. Just when we think we know where it's going, This Is Us takes a sharp turn. Whether that turn leads to the White House remains to be seen.

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