Where Were The Clues On 'The White Lotus'?

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Where Were The Clues On 'The White Lotus'?

"Why am I watching The White Lotus?" That's the question my friend asked me a few days prior to the season finale. "What's happening? I have no idea why I can't look away."

I told her, quickly, it's because of the writing. The satirical look at the very privileged and very white crowd that holidays at The White Lotus feels similar to Succession, another HBO show that willingly roasts the uber-rich. The enigmatic world Mike White created on White Lotus is slow-moving like any vacation should be, yet quick in its dialogue, whether it was the verbal spar between Armond and Shane over the Pineapple Suite or Olivia absolutely dragging her parents for being "cringey," while also being "cringey" herself.

But then there are the other things that made me tune in every Sunday at 9 p.m. There was the promise of a mystery, first and foremost. Who died? We at The Dipp asked ourselves that the first week the show premiered and we were prepared to collect clues throughout the way, like we did while watching Big Little Lies.

Except… were there clues to pick up on?

Even though we, ahem, correctly theorized early on that Armond was murdered due to his Addy-induced benders, there weren’t really any clues. In an interview with Vulture, White said he knew when he started writing the show that Armond would die at the end and Shane would be the killer, but it wasn’t set up as a whodunit.

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