Is Madlyn annoying or an icon?

I just finished episode five and Madlyn is the STAR of this show. I can’t decide if she’s annoying, or a genius. Is she chaotic good or chaotic evil? I guess the only thing clear about Madlyn is that there is no way she should end up with Colby. The girl hates him. Which is fine! Just break up with him!

The other thing I hate and love about Mads is her affection for the booze. Girl gets hammered and I respect that. When she was drunk eating in the kitchen? Relatable.

When she rolled her eyes and made funny faces at the mid season check in dinner? Iconic.

Madlyn seems to understand that now’s her chance to really figure out if she and Colby are meant to be (they aren’t) and is just living her best life on this show.

She was very insensitive toward Shanique, but Madlyn isn’t here to make friends! She’s here to break up with Colby!

Love or hate her, she knows the assignment.