Are Rae & Jake Together After 'The Ultimatum'? Their Chemistry Is Undeniable

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Are Rae & Jake Together After 'The Ultimatum'? Their Chemistry Is Undeniable

Netflix's The Ultimatum has finally dropped and the drama is juicier than anyone could have imagined. As the couples venture into their trial marriages, anything can happen at any time, so as we wait for the finale and the reunion to stream on April 13, we're planning on tracking whether or not Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham are still together.

We're going to track their social media accounts, dig into Reddit, and take any tips that you all might have about the couples (or singles) to see if what we're watching on the show has played out in real life.

Warning: This post includes spoilers for Season 1 of The Ultimatum, as well as social media clues available.

Week 1

What we see on the show: Of all the couples, Jake and Rae have the most chemistry in their trial marriage. They are super cute together and seem like they might be in love — Rae introduces him to her dad, she gets his mom's approval, they have so many common goals, and now that Rae has broken up with Zay Wilson, there's a real chance that they have a future together.

April definitely assumes that they are getting back together, though she notes that since they got back together, he's been bristly towards her. I think Jake is moving on.

So are they together? These two follow each other on Instagram as recently as last month, Jake was liking all of her posts and she likes some of his, though he posts way less. Also of note is that April follows all of the cast members on the show except Jake and Rae. Salty much?

Finale & Reunion

What we saw on the show: Rae and Jake seemed like they were going to go traipsing around the world together, but at the reunion, they revealed that they ended up not going on the trip out of respect for their former partners. Both Rae and Jake seemed to have attempted to make things work with their former partners to no avail. Now, Jake is seemingly single and Rae admitted that she’s currently seeing a woman and with Jake’s reunion hair looking like it is, who can blame her?

So are they together now? It really doesn’t seem like it at all, though the two like each others photos and tag each other in memes about the show, so things are apparently amicable.

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