Are Rae & Zay From 'The Ultimatum' Still Together? It Doesn't Look Good

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Are Rae & Zay From 'The Ultimatum' Still Together? It Doesn't Look Good

Netflix's The Ultimatum has finally dropped and the drama is juicier than anyone could have imagined. As the couples venture into their trial marriages, anything can happen at any time, so as we wait for the finale and the reunion to stream on April 13, we're planning on tracking whether or not Rae Williams and Zay Wilson are still together.

We're going to track their social media accounts, dig into Reddit, and take any tips that you all might have about the couples (or singles) to see if what we're watching on the show has played out in real life.

Warning: This post includes spoilers for The Ultimatum Season 1, as well as social media clues available.

Week 1

What we see on the show: These two have had one of the roughest goes since returning from their trial marriages. Rae was the one who issued Zay the ultimatum, and she ended up in a trial marriage with Jake Cunningham and Zay went off with Shanique Brown.

Zay and Shanique bonded, but not nearly as well as Rae and Jake did. By the time that Rae and Zay get back together and live with each other again, it's clear that the love is all but gone. In the eighth episode, Rae breaks up with Zay for staying out all night after she tells him that she might not. be ready to get engaged to him anymore, even though this whole thing was her idea. After breaking up with him, she meets up with Jake to see how his relationship with April Marie is going.

So are they still together? There's a chance that these two could get back together but judging from their social media presence, they've both moved on. They don't follow each other on social media at all, though Zay has less of a presence online. Jake and Rae do follow each other and he even likes her thirst traps, which is a good sign that they're still hanging out with each other.

Rae welcomed the premiere of the show with a lengthy Instagram caption imploring fans to be kind to the cast members as they watch, another sign that she knows some people might have thoughts about leaving her relationship with Zay, if that's in fact what she did.

Finale & Reunion

What we saw on the show: Given their heated argument on the reunion set, these two really are done with each other.

So are they together? Although they admitted to sleeping with each other after the show, there’s really no indication that they are in any communication at all. In fact, they don’t even follow each other.

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