Are Madlyn & Colby Together After 'The Ultimatum'? They Had A Huge Fight

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Are Madlyn & Colby Together After 'The Ultimatum'? They Had A Huge Fight

Netflix's The Ultimatum has finally dropped and the drama is juicier than anyone could have imagined. As the couples venture into their trial marriages, anything can happen at any time, so as we wait for the finale and the reunion to stream on April 13, we're planning on tracking whether or not Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kiss are still together.

We're going to track their social media accounts, dig into Reddit, and take any tips that you all might have about the couples (or singles) to see if what we're watching on the show has played out in real life.

Warning: This post includes spoilers for The Ultimatum Season 1, as well as social media clues available.

Week 1

What we see on the show: Things are not looking good for Madlyn and Colby heading into ultimatum day.From the very beginning Madlyn seemed to pounce on the chance to. live and sleep with another man and things between her and Randall Griffin definitely had chemistry. Meanwhile, Colby and April Marie were in a platonic couple, though Colby went out one night, made out with another woman off-camera and continued to text her afterwards.

Madlyn and him fight about this on their last night and he insists that he only did it to make things "real" for her. Blegh. Let's not forget that throughout the season, Madlyn seemed visibly repulsed by her boyfriend and especially her boyfriend in a cowboy hat.

So are they together? Just months after filming the season, Colby tagged Madlyn in a post from Nashville, which is a good sing that they are together. Yet, they don't follow each other on Instagram which is pretty weird, especially given how young they are. Something is not adding up and I bet these two have the most to dish at the reunion. In fact, no one but April follows Colby from the show, a sign that he might be going the Shake Chatterjee route.

Finale & Reunion

What we saw on the show: Seriously, it did not seem like these two were actually going to get married, let alone right there on the spot. And now they’re having a baby?!?! These two deserve each other.

So are they together now? They most certainly are. Sad!

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