Shake Walked So Colby From 'The Ultimatum' Could Run

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Shake Walked So Colby From 'The Ultimatum' Could Run

Abishek "Shake" Chatterjee worked hard after Love Is Blind Season 2 to become the villain, but Colby Kiss from Netflix's The Ultimatum might be coming for his throne. Colby is the only guy in the whole group who brought his girlfriend Madyln Ballatori on the show because he was ready to get married and have kids, despite the fact that Madlyn looks at him with sheer disgust and skepticism most of the time.

Listen, it's hard to be a good person when you're literally on a show designed to break up your relationship and/or coerce someone into marrying you sooner than they wanted to. A lot of the people are total assholes — Jake Cunningham and Rae Williams' love at first site thing is sure to rub people the wrong way— but Colby really goes the extra mile.

It's not the robe, the cowboy hat, or the fact that he told Alexis Maloney straight to her face that he wasn't attracted to her, but it's not not all of those things. Much like with Shake, it's Colby's smugness and certainty that he knows what's best for Madlyn and really doesn't seem to understand that he gets on her nerves.

While it was clear that Randall Griffin and Madlyn weren't a real love connection — did you see her friends' faces at brunch when they met him? It wasn't just that they were charmed by Randall but they actually seemed relieved that he wasn't Colby. Her one friend said that she was literally "hopeful" that going on the show would break Madlyn and Colby up. After having to listen to him for eight episodes, I totally get it. It's not only that he's obnoxious, he's also chaotic evil.

Cut to the last dinner he and Madlyn have together, where it's revealed that Colby went out on the town while they were separated and not only hooked up with a girl to "make it real" for Madlyn, but then he apparently texted her at 4 a.m. in the morning to let her know that he was getting physical with another woman. Not only that, but Colby seriously tries to convince her that hooking up with someone else was his way to make Madlyn jealous enough to realize that she wanted to marry him.

Oh, to have the confidence of this nondescript white man while he actively gaslights his girlfriend on television. Listen, it doesn't seem like Madlyn is a total treasure either (just judging by how the women call her Drunk Madlyn when they're out) so maybe these two actually deserve each other. But while Shake was the sort of villain who just has no filter and talks shit about his castmates and the show in general, Colby is legit Not A Good Guy. Or at least, he's a delusional one, and everyone but Madlyn seems to see it.

Then again, given the fact that Madlyn and Colby don't follow each other on social media (only April Marie follows Colby from the cast, becasue of course), maybe she eventually sees the light.

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