Are April & Jake Together After 'The Ultimatum'? It Feels Very Unlikely, But Let's Investigate

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Are April & Jake Together After 'The Ultimatum'? It Feels Very Unlikely, But Let's Investigate

Netflix's The Ultimatum has finally dropped and the drama is juicier than anyone could have imagined. As the couples venture into their trial marriages, anything can happen at any time, so as we wait for the finale and the reunion to stream on April 13, we're planning on tracking whether or not Jake Cunningham and April Marie are still together.

We're going to track their social media accounts, dig into Reddit, and take any tips that you all might have about the couples (or singles) to see if what we're watching on the show has played out in real life.

Warning: This post includes spoilers for The Ultimatum Season 1, as well as social media clues available.

Week 1

What we see on the show: April was placed in a trial marriage with Colby Kiss, mostly by default as two of the original couples up and got engaged before the experiment even began. Together, the two learned a lot about relationships, but nothing can compare to the steamy chemistry that her boyfriend, Jake, had with Rae Williams.

Going into Ultimatum day, it seems like April is hopeful that she and Jake can get on the same page, but you can't deny the fact that he literally told Rae he wanted to leave the experience with her and her only after the girls and guys night outing.

So are they together? I just don't see this one working out, and given the fact that Jake and Rae follow each other and like each others pics. April and Jake do not follow each other on Instagram, much like Rae and her beau Zay Wilson do not follow each other, which makes me think that the trial marriage broke them up for good.

Finale & Reunion

What we saw on the show: It’s very clear that April feels like Jake totally betrayed her by leaving the show with Rae. Still, during the reunion, things didn’t seem all that bad between them. More sad, if anything, especially since April claims she’s in a healthy relationship at the moment (making it very clear that her relationship with Jake was not).

So are they together now? They don’t interact on the ‘gram at all, even now that the show is over so it looks like April really has found her person. Hopefully Jake will too once he takes out of those awful braids.

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