Salads Are Taking Over TV

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Salads Are Taking Over TV

Salads, the often under appreciated or completely skipped over item on a menu. Some notably better than others, depending on what type of greens we're talking about featuring. (Iceberg is trash and just hard water, sorry!) But goddammit when it comes to Hollywood and the silver screen, salads are taking their moment in the sun, and baby they're gonna shine.

In the last couple of months of television, salads have taken on the starring role in episodes of both reality and scripted TV. We at The Dipp are not blind to this trend and wanted to shoutout all of the salads that are finally getting their time in the spotlight. From being thrown across a kitchen to filling up the tummy of a billionaire tycoon running from the law, everywhere we look... salad. Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments. And check back here as the year comes to a close — you never know what kind of salad is going to pop up.

Real Housewives of Potomac

Type of salad: It appears to be a Caesar salad, in that it's almost all romaine plus some croutons

The scene: Mia and Candiace have been butting heads all season, but this particular trip to the Chesapeake Bay is where things got really ugly; from name calling to antagonizing to the now epic salad throw that gave us a screenshot worthy of the Louvre.

Vanderpump Rules

Type of salad: A $25 Caesar salad

The scene: James Kennedy and Max Todd, Lisa and Ken's son, went to dinner at Dan Tana's of West Hollywood and wanted to split a Caesar salad. The problem was was that James told the waitress they'd split the salad, incurring a $10 split fee. Max thought it was stupid to mention their intention to split the salad to the waitress. The two exchanged words and water flings, and thus, a friendship ruined.

The Bachelorette

Type of salad: Baby gem lettuce

The scene: Meet Rick, the table who is trying to win Michelle Young's heart on The Bachelorette. Rick entered into the ABC dating competition as a table, with his head politely rested on a charger plate of baby gem lettuce. The rest of the table included some fruit, bread, and candles (for ambiance). Luckily, Rick abandoned this schtick pretty quickly into night one, but we'll never forget those seven pieces of lettuce.


Type of salad: Chef salad, Sarajevo style

The scene: While Logan tried to escape his problems by holing up in an airport hotel in Sarajevo in the second episode of Succession Season 3, we caught him eating what can seemingly only be described as a meat salad. Large cubes of meat, large cubes of cheese, a little bit of lettuce, and some whole olives. Was this a sign that the mighty have fallen, or that the airport-adjacent hotel he was staying at didn't have an in-house chef de cuisine?

Winter House

Type of salad: The Roadie Salad from Ranch Camp

The scene: As Austen Kroll broke the news that he loved Lindsay Hubbard "as a sister," the other Winter House cast members looked on while chowing down on Ranch Camp's Roadie Salad, which consists of warm kale, organic dried cranberries, toasted pumpkin seeds, sliced granny smith apples, Vermont cheddar, and a cranberry vinaigrette.

This post will be updated as salads continue to rise to the top of pop culture's menu.

Images: Bravo (3), ABC, HBO

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