Sabrina Spellman Was A Bitch

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Sabrina Spellman Was A Bitch

My autumn activities of choice have always included spiked apple cider and rewatching the best TGIF Halloween episodes, and it was during the Sabrina the Teenage Witch portion of one of these rewatches that I noticed something. Sabrina Spellman is kind of awful. No offense to Melissa Joan Hart and her coffee commercials; I’m sure she’s lovely, but we spent three years hearing Sabrina whine to anyone that would listen about how Mr. Kraft and Libby Chessler went out of their way to make her life miserable. When watching the show with matured eyes, I discovered that is simply not the case.

And after talking with Jenna Leigh Green, the actor who played Libby on Sabrina, it's clear I'm not the only one who felt that way.

Taking things that Libby wanted most (Harvey Kinkle and the editor position of the school paper) wasn’t enough for Sabrina. She still decided it was her responsibility time and time again to “teach Libby a lesson” by turning her into a pineapple, a goat, a jigsaw puzzle, a zebra. When Libby was trying to give back to the school with something the students truly needed (a throne for the Homecoming Queen), Sabrina flew into her nose and hijacked her body, trying to force her to announce that the money from alumni would go towards a poetry bash instead. Who was asking for that?

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