But How Does The Ice Not Melt In Emily Mariko's Salmon Rice Bowl TikTok?

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But How Does The Ice Not Melt In Emily Mariko's Salmon Rice Bowl TikTok?

I've gone on record to say that I want off the ride that is Emily Mariko's Salmon Rice Bowl recipe that has gone viral on TikTok. I like salmon, I like rice, I like various types of sauces, but I do not want to see another person in their poorly lit kitchen attempt to recreate Emily's ASMR rice bowl video. To get off of this trend, I've decided to not interact and actively tell TikTok I want to see less of these types of videos. To no avail, unfortunately.

But there is... one thing I have to say I'm captured by in these videos. No matter who makes them, and no matter how disgusting the finished product looks, there's one thing that seems to be consistent: the ice doesn't melt.

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I am not going to even remotely claim to understand Science with a capital S — I've also gone on record about why I don't, either — but from my understanding, heating up a frozen block of ice should melt said frozen block of ice. I've left bags of ice in portable freezers many times before and in my experience, about two hours in and I'm basically bobbing for apples trying to get a cold White Claw.

So what is this magic that Emily Mariko has seemingly cast upon all of the Rice Cubes (I'm so sorry) that people are including in their recipes? Luckily, TikTok user, user8249949212501, has provided the answer to that in the comments section (which I warily look at, as to not make the app think I want more of this content).

It seems like user8249949212501 got that from a website called thenakedscientist.com (unless user8249949212501 is the naked scientist). The website also goes on to say this is why you shouldn't defrost a chicken on full power, because you're gonna get some half-frozen chicken and, at best, a really bad stomach ache by the end of the night.

Turns out this is why the defrost button on microwaves exist. "The defrost setting on microwaves gets around this by only heating for a few seconds every minute and essentially waiting for the hot bits of your chicken to melt their neighboring areas," thenakedscientist.com says.

OK, so Emily is not a magician... but isn't it more fun to think she is?

Images: TikTok

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