How Did Prince Charles Really Propose To Princess Diana? Inside ’The Crown’s “Fairytale” Relationship

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How Did Prince Charles Really Propose To Princess Diana? Inside ’The Crown’s “Fairytale” Relationship

"It's done. I did it." Sound like the words of a man enamored with his bride-to-be, don't they? Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer seemed like a match made in monarchy heaven. Perfect breeding and a happy ending of duty and love of the people. Or so the royals thought.

A proposal is meant to be the ultimate romantic gesture. Confessing your infinite love for another person, typically on one knee with a ring to seal your bond when the object of your affection (hopefully) says yes.

Prince Charles took another route entirely when he proposed to Lady Diana Spencer in Season 4 of The Crown. So much so that we only see spliced snippets of him asking for her hand in marriage in Episode 3, "Fairytale," via phone calls with Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, Princess Anne and the Queen Mother, as they wait with bated breath for news about Charles' betrothal.

When he calls his mother, the Queen, to inform her that he had proposed, he reveals he had asked Diana in the nursery. The Queen Mother later calls it "hardly the most romantic setting." What's worse? Prince Charles admits he did not get on one knee, and is "surprised by the question. I thought, in terms of rank, the Prince of Wales only ever kneels before the Sovereign."

Even Princess Anne is stunned Prince Charles would say such a thing when the Queen fills her in. Aghast, Princess Margaret asked how she responded to her son eschewing tradition. "I said," the Queen informs her, "It's a proposal of marriage, dear, not a show of strength."

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