Where Are Ed & Tammy From 'The Circle' Season 1 Now? Circle, Open Instagram

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Where Are Ed & Tammy From 'The Circle' Season 1 Now? Circle, Open Instagram

The Conshohocken pride is going strong on The Circle Season 2 thanks to the addition of Mitchell Eason, the brother and son of Season 1 contestants Ed and Tammy. Mitchell joined The Circle alongside professional volleyball player Khat in the second batch of Season 2 episodes, and immediately made it clear he's on the show to restore his family's good name after his brother and mother ferked it up in Season 1 (his words). While his mom and brother made for an unconventional duo, they were also a (mostly) fun late addition to Season 1, and Mitchell's presence on the show might just leave you wondering what Ed and Tammy are up to these days.

In Season 1, Ed and Tammy's mother-son bond was adorable — although, it did lead to some awkward moments when Ed was trying to get his flirt on. But overall the duo didn't have what it takes to make it over the finish line. In his intro, Mitchell attributes his family's inability to take home the $100k grand prize to a lack of people skills, and well, he's not wrong. Season 1 of The Circle was mostly a love-fest, but Ed and Tammy came in a little too hot for a crowd that included total sweethearts like Chris, Seaburn, and Joey.

As a result, they didn't make the connections necessary to be real contenders on the show. However, even though they didn't win The Circle, their time as reality TV stars has definitely changed their lives, at least to some extent.

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