Trevor's Best Game Moments On 'The Circle,' Ranked

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Trevor's Best Game Moments On 'The Circle,' Ranked

Spoilers for The Circle Season 2 finale. At long last the winner of The Circle Season 2 has been crowned, and the $100k grand prize definitely went to the player who played the best game: Trevor, a.k.a. Deleesa. Right from the start, the 32-year-old mom from the Bronx went into the game ready to play. And as a result, Deleesa/Trevor's gameplay was so next level, I'm still in awe.

Everyone who enters The Circle approaches the game differently. Chloe was super trusting and approachable, while Emily/Jack was ultra-competitive, and Courtney was unafraid to stir up some drama when he was given the anonymity of the Joker to hide behind. But no one else's strategy came close to Deleesa's.

Playing as a catfish already adds an extra layer of difficulty to the game. You have to remember to stay in character at all times, or risk raising suspicions. Ultimately, rookie mistakes did in players like Jack (his glammequin will haunt my dreams forever), and Lance/Lisa (she pretty much torpedoed her chance of winning the minute she said she would use the prize money for an *NSYNC reunion tour). But Deleesa's catfishing was next level. From flirting with Chloe to bringing in a notebook filled with Trevor-specific facts to pull out the minute anyone started questioning her dude credentials, she was consistent, tactical, and, when necessary, ruthless.

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