Was Emily Given A Raw Deal On 'The Circle'?

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Was Emily Given A Raw Deal On 'The Circle'?

All is fair in love and war — but can the same be said for The Circle? During Episode 7 of Season 2, the game makers sent out a challenge that seemed clearly design to rout out one catfish in particular. When Queer Eye cohost Jonathan Van Ness issued a “glammequin” challenge, the players had to gussy up a styrofoam head to look just like them, but “extra.” The Netflix star told everyone that more is more, and the contestants should go “wild” when it comes to makeup, makeovers, and facial hair fashions.

For some — like Chloe, who couldn’t contain her excitement at the idea of popping falsies onto the false head — the challenge seemed like a breeze. For others... Well, I’ll let Jack, a.k.a. “Emily” on The Circle, put it in his own words: “But I’m a guy who doesn’t know how to do makeup that’s posing as a woman who should! So I’m fucked, Jonathan!”

And he did not lie. He was, in fact, fucked.

JVN tried to be as sweet as he possibly could, but he also absolutely dragged Jack as he called out the anxious, sunburnt energy that the “Emily” glammequin radiated. It was clear to everyone with eyes that the challenge had a clear loser, and Jack was quickly realizing that that singular challenge could be the end of his time in the Circle, too.

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