'The Circle' Star Ruksana Is Living Out All Your Dreams: She Was Also On 'Family Feud'

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'The Circle' Star Ruksana Is Living Out All Your Dreams: She Was Also On 'Family Feud'

Circle, go to Ruksana's past reality TV show appearances album. That's right, this isn't The Circle Season 3 star Ruksana Carroll first reality TV rodeo. If the 35-year-old mom looks familiar, it's because she previously appeared on three episodes of Family Feud, where she left host Steve Harvey speechless — which isn't something that happens often on that show.

It's clear from the moment she enters The Circle that Ruksana has a big personality. After all, one of the first things she does is request an epic Bollywood song be played over her introduction montage. But she's also one of the most down to earth players in the game.

After receiving a brutal review from an anonymous player, this season's youngest contestant, Daniel, turned to Ruksana for some advice on handling criticism and homesickness, and she delivered for him big time. Even though it's early days, the New Jersey mom already feels like a frontrunner thanks to her authentic, kind, but also wonderfully no-nonsense interactions with her fellow players. Sure, she has her eye on the prize, just like everyone else, but she's also incredibly genuine which could explain why she's proven to be a popular choice for reality TV show casting directors in the past (yes, directors plural — because The Circle and Family Feud aren't the only shows she has appeared on).

That Time Ruksana Broke Steve Harvey's Brain On Family Feud

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In 2018, Ruksana appeared on Family Feud with her husband, Wayne, brother-in-law Rodney, sister-in-law Nickita, and her niece, Fantasia. The family went on to win the game (although they didn't take home much of a cash prize due to some... let's just call them "creative" answers in the final round). But before they could actually play, the Carroll family had to be introduced to Harvey, and he was definitely not prepared for Ruksana.

During her introduction on The Circle, Ruksana shared she has a condition called achondroplasia, which she explained is a form of dwarfism. As a result, she stands 4 ft. 4 in. tall. On her YouTube channel and in previous interviews, she has discussed the discrimination she's faced in the workplace and beyond due to her size. However, she's also candid about how she's never let other people's opinions stop her from doing the things she wants to do.

So while Harvey wasn't prepared for Ruksana, she was most definitely prepared for him. When the introductions began, he immediately stopped Ruksana's husband, Wayne, when he introduced her as his wife, because the host had assumed she was his daughter. The moment was incredibly cringe-inducing, or at least it would have been had the future Circle star not been ready to go toe-to-toe with Harvey.

Not only did she assure him that she was Wayne's wife, she also left Harvey tongue-tied when she joked he could be her daddy too. The easy way she exchanged barbs with the Family Feud host left him impressed with her so much that he said, "I can see you have the perfect attitude." That doesn't erase his faux paus, but it did endear him to Ruksana.

In a 2018 interview with her local paper, Union News Daily, Ruksana revealed she loved hanging out with "Uncle Steve" as she affectionately called him. "He was just blown away by me and just really liked our whole family," she said. "He was so comfortable with us that it was almost like talking to an uncle. He really is the heart of the show now."

The feeling must have been mutual, because in 2019, the family was invited back for a special episode. And although they didn't win that time around, Ruksana wrote on her Instagram, "We were blessed for this second opportunity and honored to be apart of the Family Feud Family."

Before She Appeared On Family Feud, Ruksana & Wayne Were Contestants On Another Show

There's a reason Ruksana wasn't nervous about competing on Family Feud, and that reason is because she and her husband had already won a trip to St. Croix on a 2012 episode of The Newlywed Game. Sadly, the episode in question doesn't appear to be available on the internet, but The Circle contestant revealed to her hometown paper that the The Newlywed Game was actually easier than Family Feud.

"The Newlywed Game was a little easier because it was personal questions," she said. "You need to be thinking about what everyone in the U.S. would say, but I was more than ready to be on TV."

Between her appearances on Family Feud, The Newlywed Game, and The Circle, it's becoming increasingly clear Ruksana has some serious star power. And that means win or lose, The Circle is unlikely to be the last time viewers see her on their TV screens.


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