The 7 Most Awkward 'The Circle' Reunion Moments

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The 7 Most Awkward 'The Circle' Reunion Moments

Spoilers for The Circle Season 2 finale. If the The Circle Season 2 reunion has you like, "Circle message: embarrassed emoji, side eye emoji, kill me now emoji, and send," then just know you're not alone. While Season 1's reunion was a total lovefest, Season 2's was full of moments that were the very definition of cringe. From Terilisha and Savannah's tense confrontation to poor Chloe trying to come to grips with her boyfriend Trevor being a lady catfish, The Circle reunion was full of awkward moments.

Granted, there were plenty of genuinely beautiful moments in the finale, too. Chloe's excitement over Trevor/Deleesa's win was a highlight, as was everyone's reaction to the River/Lee reveal. Meanwhile, there were lots of sweet moments between players who formed bonds over the course of the season, including Khat and Mitchell toasting each other behind Savannah and Terilisha's backs to celebrate what a true Circle friendship looks like.

But for every moment of sweetness, there was a moment so uncomfortable it made me want to hide behind a stack of throw pillows until it was over. Are you ready to relive every cringe-inducing Circle reunion moment? No? Me either, but we're doing it anyway. Circle, message: Send Rosé, please. Pleading hands emoji.

1.Chloe Sees "Trevor" For The First Time

Even though some small part of Chloe had to know Trevor was too good to be true, it was still hard to watch her realize she had been catfished. Overall, she took it well, but the expressions on her face made it clear she was beyond shocked that she had been flirting with Deleesa and not a hot single dad all season long.

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