Does Michelle Young Get Engaged? Here's What The Bachelorette Has Said

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Does Michelle Young Get Engaged? Here's What The Bachelorette Has Said

Once upon a time, Bachelors and Bachelorettes wouldn't reveal their happy (or, unhappy) endings. Then, there was a brief era where the leads couldn't help but share how many people they fell in love with. But whether Michelle got engaged on The Bachelorette or even found love at all will remain a mystery like in the days of Bachelor yore. If you aren't afraid of slaying some spoilers, you can find how Michelle's Bachelorette season will end. But when it comes to what Michelle Young is saying, she's keeping mum.

Ahead of Michelle's premiere on Oct. 19, the Bachelorette wasn't even able to confirm that her contestant Clayton will be the next Bachelor. So she wasn't going to spill if she fell in love, whom she chooses in the end, and if she's engaged now. But if you'd like a master's class in saying a lot without revealing anything at all, check out what Michelle has said about her season and if it points to her being engaged.

She's Grateful

Along with telling ET what she was looking for in a partner, Michelle also shared how grateful she was for the chance to be the Bachelorette and excited for people to see her season. This is pretty standard stuff, but would she be "grateful" and "really looking forward" to her season premiering if she ended up with her heart broken?

She Loves Where She's At

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Michelle said that "... I love where I'm at, I am excited for everyone to see everything unfold and the whole entire journey, the good part, the hard parts." As her goal was to end up engaged, loving where she's at implies that she did find her "person."

She Handed Out Good Grades

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The fifth-grade teacher couldn't help but make a joke to Good Morning America that she doesn't give good grades to just anyone — noting she has high expectations for her potential partner. But she admitted, "I do hand out some passing grades." Well, the best grade a contestant could get would be her accepting a proposal. Echoing what she said to The Hollywood Reporter, she also mentioned, "I'm in love with where I'm at right now." Sounds like one happy teacher.

She Fell In Love With Herself

She told the New York ABC affiliate, ABC7, that the audience will "see me learn a lot about myself and you will see me falling in love with myself as well" — keywords here being "as well." By including that, she must have fallen in love with at least one person besides herself, right?

She Never Would Have Quit

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In a conversation with Extra, the former D1 basketball player admitted she has a hard time showing emotions in relationships, but that she never thought of quitting. "You're gonna see me break, you're gonna see me cry, you're gonna see me be in a headspace where I am trying to work through things," Michelle said. "But as far quitting, it's not gonna happen." Well, at least fans know that this season won't end with Michelle taking her ball and going home.

She Believes In Reality TV Love

When Variety tried to get Michelle to say if her season made her believe that you can fall in love on reality TV, she pivoted to her time as a contestant on The Bachelor. "I could have told you after Matt James's season that yes, it's possible to find love after a reality television show." So, if her opinion hasn't changed, then she probably fell in love on her season too. And, yet again, she mentioned loving where she's at currently, adding, "I love what the future looks like."

Considering how many times she's mentioned loving her current status, it sure seems that Michelle is engaged. But the people providing the real insight into how Michelle's season will end are hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe. Both of them called Michelle's season "really romantic" to ET. "It's like a fairytale, which is different, I think," Tayshia added. "You guys will understand that word at the end. It unfolds beautifully." Well, since most fairytales end with a wedding, it sounds like Michelle could find her happily ever after.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC

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