Surprise! You Probably Won't Even Know The Next Bachelor

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Surprise! You Probably Won't Even Know The Next Bachelor

Ever since Katie handed out her final rose, there has been no shortage of rumors for who will become the next Bachelor. Many names have been thrown out there — Andrew, Tyler Cameron, Michael A., even Greg Grippo — but other than the latter one seemingly having the greatest chance at one point, no official announcement was ever made.

That was until this week when The Hollywood Reporter reported that the new Bachelor will come from Michelle's season, a season that is still over a month out from airing. Surprised? You're not alone. Even Reality Steve is turning from this news and is on the case to find out who.

The latter are not the only ones with the scoop: The Chicks in the Office Podcast state that they have from a very reliable source saying the same thing. The ladies said that "It’s actually somebody from Michelle’s season. Someone we have not met yet. But, apparently, allegedly, producers fell in love with this guy, they resonate with his story, and they want to give him a second chance at love immediately.”

Going off the very little information I have of "resonating with his story," I went through all of Michelle's potential suitors and chose the seven most likely candidates.

Let's get to it.

Eric Tai, 25

eric tai bachelorette michelle young

While his instagram is private, one thing is clear: he is a big advocate of mental health and the AAPI community. He also is an avid runner, making me speculate that there is some correlation here between mental health and running... a story that I already resonate with. Could he be our first Asian-American Bachelor?

Pardeep Singh, 30

pardeep singh michelle young bachelorette

Pardeep is a neuroscientist whose Instagram is also private but luckily for us, he has a podcast that isn't. Deep Thoughts is "a place where we discuss how our multiple identities inform our experiences as Americans." Pardeep also shares that he was raised by a single mother, definitely a story that will resonate with a lot of the audience.

Mollique Johnson, 36

mollique johnson michelle young bachelorette

Although his Instagram is now private, we had previously creeped when it was public to find out that he appears to be a single father. This sleuthing thread also states that he was raised by a single mom, put himself through college, and has a master's degree, making him an all around catch.

Christopher Gallant, 27

christopher g michelle young bachelorette

I couldn't find much about him other than the fact that he's a Ted Lasso fan, but luckily for us one of his co-workers spilled the tea on Reddit saying, "Chris Gallant is a gem. Studied public relations, super involved in the community, smart as heck, works for a non-profit that promotes careers in the trades and technology to youth..." Michelle loves kids, I love kids, America loves kids, the producers love kids. If he doesn't get the final rose, maybe he'll be the next Bachelor.

Jack Russell, 30

jack michelle young bachelorette

Jack is a veteran and was in the military for 5 years before going back to school to get his MBA at Wharton (impressive, my dude).

Jamie Skarr, 32

jamie michelle young bachelorette

Finally someone with a public Instagram. Jamie is a fierce supporter of women, stating in this post about Kamala Harris, that he "was raised predominately by women" and that he "didn't have many strong male role-models growing up..." which you have to appreciate the open honesty already. He also posted about the gender pay gap, so another point for him!

Spencer Williams, 25

michelle young bachelorette

You can see here from the screengrabs of his Instagram before it went private that it is filled with pictures of his adorable son, Bray. Could Spencer get a second chance at finding love?

With production set to start at the end of September, we'll hopefully find out who the new Bachelor is within the coming weeks. Then, let the Instagram stalking begin!

Images: ABC

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