Michelle's Potential 'Bachelorette' Contestants Are Here — Here's Who You Should Watch Out For

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Michelle's Potential 'Bachelorette' Contestants Are Here — Here's Who You Should Watch Out For

Katie's season isn't even over yet, and Bachelor Nation is already setting its sights onto Michelle Young, the next Bachelorette lead. On Monday, July 26, The Bachelorette released a tentative list of Michelle's men. As for whether or not her husband is in the bunch? We'll see...

The list of Michelle's men has 35 names on it, only about 30 of which will probably make it into the cocktail party on Night 1 and onto our televisions. Out of those 30, only a handful will get any substantial screen time and actually form a relationship with our next Bachelorette. So, instead of going through all 35 — you can check out all of Michelle's potential Bachelorette suitors here — I've picked out a Top 10 that I think will definitely make it to the first rose ceremony, and maybe even beyond.

Olumide, 28

Image: The Bachelorette/Facebook

Of the 35 men tentatively announced for Michelle's Bachelorette season, Olumide Onajide definitely stands out, and not only because his biceps are three times the size of Greg's entire body. According to his Instagram, he's a model and fitness guru. He's also a former basketball player who played for Rutgers University, so he and Michelle could have some great one-on-one action, if you know what I mean.

Eric Tai, 25

Image: The Bachelorette/Facebook

Eric's Instagram is private, but his bio reveals a lot about two things he cares about: running and the Asian-American community. His bio links to a few organizations, including the Asian Mental Health Collective and Still I Run, a nonprofit that promotes running for mental health. In a personal blog post for Still I Run, Eric wrote that he would be participating in "David Goggins' 4x4x48 running challenge," where you have to run four miles every four hours until you hit 48 miles, to raise money for the organization and work to de-stigmatize mental health, specifically in AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) communities. I can definitely see his mix of smarts with sports being attractive to Michelle.

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