Who Is The New Bachelor Clayton Echard Besides A Former Freestyle Rapper?

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Who Is The New Bachelor Clayton Echard Besides A Former Freestyle Rapper?

While not confirmed, Variety and E! Online are both reporting that The Bachelor has found its new lead among the cast of Michelle Young's Bachelorette season. Per Variety, Clayton Echard will be the new Bachelor in 2022. Don't know who Clayton Echard is? Unless you're one of his growing 2,000+ followers on Instagram or an alum of the University of Missouri, chances are you don't, as Clayton has yet to make his appearance on the franchise but will come October when Michelle takes the lead as the Bachelorette.

Though it has not been confirmed by ABC or Warner Bros., sources are saying that Michelle's suitor was seen filming an opening package to his own season of The Bachelor in his hometown in Missouri. While some speculative Bachelor leads have, in the past, been replaced last minute, all of this aligns with The Hollywood Reporter's piece from early September that stated the new Bachelor would come from Michelle's season, be new to the public, and would begin filming in late September. Check, check, annnndddd check.

So what do we know about Clayton? Well, if Instagram tells us anything — and trust me, it tells us a lot — we're going to get a lot of rapping not only on his season, but Michelle's as well.

What's that, Allison? Did you say rapping? Yeah... I did. Here's what you need to know about our (possible) Bachelor lead, Clayton Echard.

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  • According to his Instagram bio, Clayton is a "former freestyle rapper." No word on if this is a joke or not, but the media is running with it and it will be super embarrassing if he just put that in his bio years ago to be funny, forgot about it, and now has to be Eminem on the show.
  • He's a former athlete! The show loves a former football player and that's just what Clayton is. He went to Mizzou for college where he played football. Didn't go any further from there, but allowed him yet another Instagram bio trait that he will now be forced to discuss in perpetuity.
  • He is 28 years old.
  • He is in orthopedic sales, based out of Colombia, Missouri.
  • He is working on his MBA virtually at Southeast Missouri State University.
  • He likes working out which is evident here, here, and here.
  • He likes to hike! Do I smell a nature date on the horizon? Per his LinkedIn bio, he enjoys "hiking and biking on the nature trails around the Colombia area."
  • The man LOVES a bio!
  • Health is important to him. Again, per his professional LinkedIn, he exercises "daily and is in the process of learning to cook healthy meals that also surprisingly have flavor."
  • Wait, what?
  • Yes, the man just wants to eat flavorful meals!
  • In July 2021 he learned about Portrait Mode on the iPhone. Big month for Clayton!
  • He was a finalist in a sales role-play competition sponsored by Enterprise Rental per a letter of recommendation he posted on his LinkedIn. (Where are his exes letters, though, and why did he share this?)
  • That better not mean he's an ACTOR! Just kidding, we love a Bachelor who is into role play!
  • Finalmente, he is practicing his Spanish in his free time.

A man of many talents!

So what did we learn? He raps, ball is life, and never, ever put more than you need to in your bios online. Congrats to the possible Bachelor!

Images: Clayton Echard/Instagram

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