Will Clayton's Real Final Two On 'The Bachelor' Please Stand Up?

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Will Clayton's Real Final Two On 'The Bachelor' Please Stand Up?

On top of Michelle and Nayte being happily engaged and getting a down payment on a house, last night's After the Final Rose gave us our first sit down with the next Bachelor, Clayton Echard. In addition to painfully sitting through him reading mean tweets about himself, viewers also got another sneak peak into Clayton's dramatic season, which seemingly revealed Clayton's final two on The Bachelor.

Except, upon further investigation, it didn't. While we already knew Clayton told two women that he was intimate with them, and we hypothesized that these could be his final two, this new look into his season may have just confirmed one thing: the series is f*cking with us. Big time.

First up, let's take a look at the preview from "The Men Tell All"...

[video Embed]

The first woman Clayton appears to be talking to is Genevieve. She is a 26 year old bartender from Los Angeles and seems to already have this whole influencer thing down.

We then get a cut to Rachel. She is a 25 year old from Clermont, Fl. and is a flight instructor. Watch out Pilot Pete, Pilot Rachel is coming for you.

We also have a flash of what looks like Sarah crying and saying that this is "f***ed up." Sarah is a 23 year old Wealth Management Advisor who lives in New York City. Looks like we have another pageant queen in our mist.

However, during last night's "sneak peak," the women listening to Clayton's confession are completely different.

This time we see Rianna. She is a 26 year old registered nurse from Dallas. She's also a #dogmom.

We then cut to Jill. She is a 26 year old architectural historian from Scituate, Rhode Island. She is also super into fitness. Did her and Clayton bond over that so much so that she makes it to the Top 2? I wouldn't be so sure.

It's very sneaky of ABC to do this with its clips, but also smart. At first, it almost felt like a bummer that the show spoiled itself. But if it was all just a ruse to throw us off into thinking we knew what was going to happen, you almost have to respect the game.

Now let me remind you of the dresses that the (seemingly) final two ladies are wearing...

We see a shiny orange dress and a high neck black dress. So by looking at only the straps, it appears that Rachel is the only one out of these girls in the final two.

And who is the other lady you may ask? My best guess is Gabby: the 30 year old ICU nurse from Denver who also just happens to be Dean's ex. This is mainly based off her hair color and length. The preview above also has Clayton saying "I couldn't be more sure that I'm falling in love with you" to her, giving my theory more credibility since we know he falls in love with three women. The last clue I found is that Gabby's official contestant picture has her wearing a similar color. This may seem silly, but I think it's safe to assume that not a lot of girls could pull off an orange dress... I know I couldn't.

Images: ABC

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