What Is Rachel Doing After 'The Bachelor'? Her Career Is Taking Off

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What Is Rachel Doing After 'The Bachelor'? Her Career Is Taking Off

Week after week, my head is turned in another direction as far as who is going to win The Bachelor. For a while, I thought Susie was the one. Then I thought Teddi. Then I landed (pun intended) on Rachel, the pilot. Rachel and Clayton's connection on The Bachelor seems to be greater than any other relationship on the show currently. He even won over her dad during hometowns, which seems like no small feat.

With that said, previews for the final three episodes of The Bachelor have been teasing Clayton running after Susie, leaving both Rachel and Gabby distraught. (Can't say I blame them, either.) If Clayton doesn't choose Rachel, she could very well be in the running for the next Bachelorette, but we still have time before that.

Until then, let's check in on what Rachel has been up to since The Bachelor wrapped filming late last year and see if it provides any clues to how the season ends.

She went to Disney World

[rich Embed]

We know people who win the Super Bowl joke about going to Disney, so is this a clue, or just a day spent in the happiest place on Earth? I'm not not reading into it, but chances are she and her best friend Nate (who we met during hometowns) just went for fun.

She's literally flying

We know that Rachel is a pilot, which is truly so bad ass. However, some people tend to lean into work when they're heartbroken. Could she simply be fulfilling her passion, or is she taking hear broken heart to the skies? (Or, is she flying away to a Happy Couples weekend with Clayton in private?)

She's out here making TikToks


♬ Theme From Halloween - Halloween

And I'm loving the content! I wish we saw more of this funny side of her during the show.

She was on the Click Bait podcast

[video Embed]

Rachel appeared on Click Bait, the Bachelor Nation podcast hosted by Joe Amabile, Natasha Parker, and Tia Booth. While she didn't give much away in terms of what happens on her season, she did speak a bit about the struggles of being a woman in a male-dominated field like flying. Rachel said that she is "completely done with her training" to become a pilot and that she is getting all her hours to be able to work for an airline, which will probably be in about a year.

Whether she ends up with Clayton, or she is flying all around the world, something tells me her career (and love life) is going to take off.

Image: Instagram, @pilot.rachel

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