Rachel From 'The Bachelor' Is A Commercial Pilot & A Clear Frontrunner

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Rachel From 'The Bachelor' Is A Commercial Pilot & A Clear Frontrunner

We're onto Week 4 of The Bachelor and have yet to get a 1-on-1 with one of the frontrunners, Rachel. You may be asking, Wait, Allison — we've barely gotten to know Rachel. Why are you calling her a frontrunner? The reason for that is because it appears that Rachel is featured in The Bachelor promo, which seemingly spoils Clayton's entire season. I know, the call was coming from inside the house.

Now, it's been rumored that ABC has shown multiple versions of that full season promo to throw fans off the scent of who ends up at the final rose ceremony. With that said, it still seems like Rachel is heavily featured in the trailer. Take this shot, for instance:

It's important to notice that the girl on the right is wearing a high neck line dress. While ABC did some trickery with the editing, showing us different women every time during this moment in the different trailers, check this close up of Rachel:

The dress looks like the same cut, not to mention the blurred blue background seems very similar to the above lighting.

Then, I saw this interview with Clayton and Us Weekly, where he all but confirms Rachel is the winner. (No spoilers, but just listen to how he talks about her compared to the other women.)

[video Embed]

Around the 5 minute mark, Clayton is asked about Rachel, and his reaction says it all. With all the other women he was asked about, he gave pretty straight forward answers, but when it came to Rachel, he has a smile on his face and says...

Oh man, ugh, for one, I mean absolutely incredible like, I love the fact that she's so driven. I mean, to be a pilot in training that was so unique and I could tell as we talked that first night that she's so passionate about her occupation. And she was someone who again, like, was very intentional, and...I could tell right away that she was another calming presence. Somebody that when I spoke with her, the conversation wasn't forced, it was very natural...

I'm just going to let this quote speak for itself. But in the meantime, let's get to know Clayton's frontrunner, Rachel!

She's a commercial pilot

[rich Embed]

Move over Pilot Pete, Pilot Rachel is here to stay! Now if you are like me and don't know what a commercial pilot is (compared to just a regular pilot), according to Merriam-Webster, a commercial pilot is "a pilot who operates an airplane for transportation of mail, passengers, or freight or for other commercial purposes." Cool. So all pilots who get paid, are commercial pilots. She is also is a flight instructor.

She travels a lot

[rich Embed]

I mean, this makes sense since it's literally a part of her job, but still she's truly jet-setting around the world. Rachel can be seen all over like in Italy, Thailand, and Bali just to name a few.

She lives in Orlando, FL

[rich Embed]

Her Instagram bio tells us she she lives in Orlando, the land of Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter World.

She was a cheerleader at Ohio University

[rich Embed]

I almost didn't recognize her with the dark hair! But at least we know she has the background of cheering for sports, something Clayton knows a thing or two about! Match made in ABC Heaven? Time will tell, but as for now, just keep your eye on Rachel in the sky.

Images: ABC

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