Who Is Grocery Store Joe Without The Grocery Store — Just Joe?

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Who Is Grocery Store Joe Without The Grocery Store — Just Joe?

Grocery Store Joe may as well be the legal name of Joe Amabile, since that is what Bachelor Nation knows him best as. When we first met Grocery Store Joe, many moons ago, he was just a young man who owned a grocery store in Chicago, looking for love in possibly all the wrong places (aka the produce section). Fast forward some years later and Joe no longer owns a grocery store — he's grown up and out of his GSJ ways (as we all say in our group texts) and on to something bigger and better. But I ask you this... what is Grocery Store Joe without the grocery store?

Since leaving on night one of Becca's season of The Bachelorette, Joe has found love, lost love, and perhaps found it again by way of multiple stints on Bachelor in Paradise. He's also found a new career path that should probably strike out the grocery part of his name on screen.

As a reminder of where we started with Grocery Store Joe — no, just Joe — take a look at this brief clip of him goofin' off at at his store.

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Now remember the laugh, remember the smile, remember the way he handled that tomato, because you're never going to see it again. (Unless you run into him at Whole Foods, which would be very meta!) Since selling his grocery store, Eric's Food Center, Joe has gone on to possess a multitude of other potential names. So who is Grocery Store Joe without the grocery store? Here's everything he's been up to since...

Dancing Joe

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After his first season of Bachelor in Paradise, Joe joined Dancing With the Stars and impressively tied for 5th. Afterwards, he went on tour right away. It has been reported by multiple sources that the starting salary for celebrities on the show is $125,000 with bonuses ranging from $10,000-$50,000 depending on how long you stay. This is also not counting the salary from the tour, so I think it's safe to assume this is more than he was making as a grocer.

Influencer Joe

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Like most of his Bachelor Nation friends, Joe is out here influencing. Business Insider reported that although there's no specific formula that everyone follows, people charge anywhere from $100 per sponsored story to $100 per 10,000 followers. And that's not even a post on the grid. In addition to Instagram, he also started his own YouTube page. While there seems to be less traction to the latter, with Grocery Store Joe's 762k followers on Instagram, I think it is safe to say that he is doing just fine.

Marinara Sauce Joe

Image: sundayswithjoe.com

Grocery Store Joe didn't stray too far from the grocery aisles with this one: he has his own marinara sauce! While my instinct says that this is just a passion project and he's bank rolling it himself, I love that he is putting his money where his mouth is... literally.

Podcaster Joe

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Grocery Store Joe's newest job is that of a podcast host. Clickbait launched back in October 2020 giving Grocery Store Joe something to do during the pandemic. While it seems that everyone in Bachelor Nation has a podcast these days, it's hard to name a better trio than Tayshia, Natasha, and Grocery Store Joe. He also seems to have created a LinkedIn just to let the job market know he is a podcaster now. Repsect the hustle, Joe!

Grocery Store Joe is clearly wearing many hats these days, but he will always be Grocery Store Joe in our hearts. Tune in Tuesday, however, to see him become Mafia Joe and take on Brendan and Pieper.

Image: ABC

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