What Is Cassidy Doing After 'The Bachelor'? Looking Forward To A Influencer Career

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What Is Cassidy Doing After 'The Bachelor'? Looking Forward To A Influencer Career

A good Bachelor villain usually gets a few weeks to reign supreme and bring a ton of chaos into the mansion. Unfortunately, for Cassidy Timbrooks, The Bachelor's newest villain, that reign is coming to an end very quickly. On Monday's episode, Clayton inquired about revoking the rose he gave Cassidy during the group date, basically putting the final nail in the coffin for this villain's journey of love.

And while we've seen enough seasons to know that sometimes it's just the edit you get on the show, when it comes to Cassidy... it might actually be a case of what you see is what you get. Per a sneaky screen recording from none other than Reality Steve, Cassidy may actually be the villain this season, no edit needed. Ahead of Monday's episode, Reality Steve shared the following tweet:

[rich Embed]

Reminder: Cassidy is about to be kicked out of the mansion for having a side piece waiting back home, an offense that's occurred before on the show. What hasn't happened before on the show, however, is the contestant bragging about it to another contestant, while on camera and mic'd up. That is some sloppy villainy.

So maybe in this situation we can't blame the edit for making you look more evil on the show than in real life. Maybe Cassidy's true colors are just as vibrant as the bouncy house at Maya's birthday party. If she's trying to be funny and relatable, that's one thing. But she's giving Regina George vibes, and not in a good way. Not in the post-hit-by-a-bus way. And her talking about clout chasers in her DMs... has she not learned anything from Bachelor in Paradise?

But that's not all folks. She also posted this as well (be warned, there is a spoiler in this next video)...

[rich Embed]

While I'm not arguing that Clayton asking Salley to stay probably wasn't the right move, she's being just a bit harsh don't you think? Especially when ABC has you on tape talking about FaceTiming said F-Boi in the hotel right before you met Clayton. The receipts are all there.

Anyway, have fun promoting the self tanner, girlie!

Image: Twitter, @realitysteve

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