Bri Was At 'After The Final Roses' & 12 Other Things We Learned From Her Post-'Bachelor' Interviews

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Bri Was At 'After The Final Roses' & 12 Other Things We Learned From Her Post-'Bachelor' Interviews

Following the Bachelor finale, Top 3 finalist Bri Spring appeared on former Bachelor Nick Viall's Viall Files podcast for an hour-long interview, and she also spilled some tea during an interview with E!'s Daily Pop following the After The Final Rose special. (I assume these appearances were making up for her lack of appearance on After the Final Rose.) And in that hour and a half, I learned more about Bri than I did all season long. Here are the main takeaways from Bri's post-Bachelor interviews that you need to know.

  • Bri slid into Matt's DMs before going on The Bachelor. Bri revealed on Nick's podcast that, before deciding to be a contestant on The Bachelor herself, Bri slid into Matt's DMs on Instagram, writing, "Hey." She never got a response, and told Nick she never told Matt about it either.
  • Bri filmed an After The Final Rose segment. Speaking with E!'s Daily Pop, Bri confirmed she was at the After the Final Rose special and had sat "in the hot seat with Emmanuel [Acho]."
  • But she didn't talk to Matt, and didn't see them film Rachael and Matt's conversation. Speaking with Nick, Bri said that, unlike Michelle and Rachael, she did not have a conversation with Matt during the taping, and wasn't around for Rachael or Michelle's taping.
  • And, yes, she's disappointed it didn't air. Bri also told Nick that she was disappointed that she was cut out of the finale special, adding that her interview with Emmanuel "put a bow around my entire journey, and was really good closure for me to walk away from the experience."
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  • She really thought Matt and Rachael were in love. In both interviews, Bri made clear that she thought Rachael and Matt were the real deal. "I thought they were in love, and I thought they were the end all, be all for each other," she told Daily Pop.
  • She's not mad at Rachael. Speaking about the controversy surrounding Rachael and those photos of her attending an antebellum-themed party, Bri told Nick that she can "sympathize with her."
  • Rachael and Bri were actually pretty close in the house and have spoken since. In fact, Bri also told Nick that she and Rachael were friends throughout filming. They have talked since the photos were released, but Bri didn't expand on the details of their conversations.
  • She wished audiences had seen her decide to quit her job. Contrary to what some casual viewers might think, Bri didn't quit her job before going on The Bachelor. She actually quit her job during her Bachelor journey, and told Nick that she filmed some conversations about her thought process in quiting her job.
  • She's currently looking for work. Bri did not get her old job back, and told Nick she's currently looking for work and brushing up her resumé. So, feel free to slide into her DMs if you see an opening.
  • Don't expect to see her on Bachelor In Paradise. Sorry, guys, Bri is taking herself out of the reality TV world. When Nick asked if she would be heading to Paradise, Bri responded, "I probably won't put myself back into a situation like this." That said, she left the door open for future seasons, saying this was what she was thinking "for now."
  • She's moved on from Matt. "I can confidently say I am not still in love with Matt," Bri told E!. "But I do — I wish him the best."
  • And she doesn't like his breakup beard. "The beard, I'm not a fan," she told Daily Pop. 'Nuf said.
  • She's single. Finally, Bri confirmed to Nick that she is single and ready to mingle. But don't expect her to answer to any DMs. She tried it once, and it didn't work out.

Here's hoping Bri enjoys a post-Bachelor freedom full of spon-con and podcasting.


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