Release The Michelle-Rachael Tapes From 'After The Final Rose'

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Release The Michelle-Rachael Tapes From 'After The Final Rose'

A lot of questions were answered during the After the Final Rose. Why did Matt dump Michelle? (Scared.) Are Matt and Rachael still together? (No.) What was their breakup like? (Painful.) And while a lot of productive conversations happened during the hour-long special, we didn't get to see everything that went down. According to photos from ABC, there was a conversation between Michelle and Rachael during After the Final Rose, and I come here today to ask the network to release the tapes.

A good portion of the After the Final Rose special was spent discussing Rachael's racially insensitive social media behavior, how it affected her during the show airing, and more importantly, how it ended her relationship with Matt. And yes, this special was very much All About Matt, as it should be. Plus, his silence on Rachael's social media history throughout the season airing only made the After the Final Rose conversation more compelling, and quite frankly, heartbreaking to watch.

But what about Michelle? She briefly shared during her interview with host Emmanuel Acho how Rachael's social media behavior made her feel, saying, "As more and more information started to come out, I started to feel hurt by what I was seeing." She went on to say that she believes Rachael has a good heart, but echoed Matt's message and believes there's a lot of learning that needs to be done. "It comes off very inconsiderate."

So what did these two discuss during their sit down? Unless either of the women speaks out about it, we may never know. But hopefully it was productive and allowed Michelle some some closure with the issues that plagued the season. After her ending on the season, it is the least she deserves.

Images: ABC

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