These Are The Final 3 Men On 'The Bachelorette,' Based On The Mid-Season Trailer

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These Are The Final 3 Men On 'The Bachelorette,' Based On The Mid-Season Trailer

How are we already at the Top 8 men on The Bachelorette? Time flies when you're falling in love... or rather, when Michelle is falling in love and you're wondering if you should slide into the rejected men's DMs. Michelle seems to have really strong connections with a lot of the men left, so at this point it's anybody's game (... kinda). But as far as who makes it to Fantasy Suites, the new trailer may tell us who the final three are on The Bachelorette, thanks to the fact that... there are no tropical beaches in Minnesota that I know of.

With production traveling for the first time in three seasons, going from Indiana Wells, Calif., to Minneapolis, Minn., to Punta de Mita, Mexico, it makes it even more obvious who makes it to hometowns and consequently Fantasy Suite week just based on the topography of the shots. With the latter in mind, here is who I think makes it to the Top 3.

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This comes as a surprise to no one since he's been the front runner after receiving the first impression rose on Night One. Nayte definitely makes it to hometowns based off this paddle boarding shot since he can be seen paddle boarding on his Instagram in the same swim trunks. This shower scene clearly confirms he makes it to Punta de Mita as well.

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