Meet Katie's 'Bachelorette' Contestants — Plus One Major Surprise

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Meet Katie's 'Bachelorette' Contestants — Plus One Major Surprise

Two months after teasing an initial pool of contestants, ABC announced the official cast of Katie's Bachelorette season. A total of 30 men will be competing for Katie's heart this season, though only 29 of them have been identified. And, while early fan fave Bao did not make the cut, there are still plenty of worthy suitors who will make it to Night 1.

The Bachelorette released official cast photos on Tuesday, May 18, announcing which men will, at the very least, make it out of the limo on Night 1. But one portrait is not like the others: instead of a man, it's a giant present. Fans will recognize this particular gift from the Bachelorette promo released last week, and those who are not afraid of spoilers probably know exactly who it is... (see below). Let's take a closer look.

Aaron — 26

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Aaron is an insurance agent from San Diego who is "thoughtful, sensitive, and very ambitious." His greatest fears are rats and saber-tooth tigers, which honestly seems very reasonable, and he loves Halloween.

Andrew M — 31

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Andrew M. is a deputy district attorney and former professional water polo player. According to his official Bachelorette bio, his hobby is woodworking, he "LOVES to play pranks" and "he 'Tebowed' on the stage" when he graduated college. (That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a red flag.)

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