What Is Up With ‘The Bachelorette’ Spoiling Itself?

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What Is Up With ‘The Bachelorette’ Spoiling Itself?

We all know that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is obsessed with creating a new “most dramatic season ever” each and every season of the reality TV series — so why did it give away some of the twists in its latest promo? After the Dec. 8 episode, the preview for the following week focused on which men will make it to hometowns and who’s confronting Tayshia at the Men Tell All. However, despite the fact that they were hyping up four hours of content in only one minute and 18 seconds, they managed to fit a fair few Bachelorette spoilers in there. Here’s what we know so far.

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What did the preview spoil about the new episode?

While it tries not to give too much away, the fact that the episode focuses mainly on hometowns and the show didn’t want to reveal just who got one yet meant that they made the decision to focus on the Bennett drama instead. While the clip opened with shots of the men (and Tayshia) looking emotional, it quickly cut to the wealth management consultant who was sent home last week and showed back up at the end of the episode to plead his case to the Bachelorette herself.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger as Tayshia tried to decide whether or not not she should let him come back (although we all knew it wouldn’t make a difference in the long-term), but that dramatic tension was shattered within just a few moments when the preview aired. “I’m baaaaack,” Bennett sing-songs in the clip before it cuts to a shot of him walking in and surprising the rest of the men. “You guys look like you’ve seen a ghost,” he tells them.

While that’s the only thing explicitly spoiled, there’s also another hint that something crazy goes down. We see Tayshia seemingly dissolve into a puddle of tears as she crouches down in a fancy dress by the street where she usually walks men to the van so she can send them home. While it’s possible she was just having an emotional moment and needed a breather, it certainly looks like she sent someone packing outside of a rose ceremony. And it’s not hard to jump to the conclusion that that someone is Blake, who had one last one-on-one on the books before Tayshia gave out her final hometown roses. This particular clip doesn’t tell us for sure that he doesn’t get the chance to introduce the Bachelorette to his family — but the next one does.

What did the preview spoil about the Men Tell All?

After Tayshia’s tears, the promo moves on to feature the second episode that’s airing this week. The men file in and take their seats, and then the camera shows them all start to call each other out and act deliciously dramatic while showing close ups of some guys’ reactions. Almost immediately, we get a shot of Blake, which means he already said goodbye to the star of the show. The Men Tell All never features men who are still on the show, and we have a feeling we’re not going to make it through every single hometown to wrap up with a rose ceremony before Tuesday, December 22.

Also featured in the clip is Noah, who also apparently doesn’t get a hometown date. And while we don’t get a shot of any other men who are yet to be sent home, there are two guys sitting on the couch whose faces are censored. You can’t tell exactly who they are, but there are only so many guys left. One of them is white and seems to be wearing a purple scarf, which leads us to believe it’s Bennett, and the other man remains a mystery (though a good guess would be Riley, considering he had hardly any one-on-one time with Tayshia this season).

So what’s the deal with the spoilers?

This whole season has been fraught with spoilers ever since the original pick for the Bachelorette, Clare Crawley, decided to walk away from filming. However, even as fan communities like the Bachelor subreddit became convinced that ABC would go public with that announcement, the show doubled down on keeping its secrets. They hinted at some huge, franchising-changing drama (and they delivered), but they banked on the casual viewer not paying attention to all of the magazine articles and online posts speculating about what went down with the Clare-Tayshia swap.

Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve usually gets the word on who wins and who’s sent home (and when) before the show makes the big reveal, ever frustrating the show’s producers and leading to those in front of and behind the camera often making snarky comments about what he got wrong when he makes a misstep. However, the show doesn’t usually tell on itself quite so much. That fact that they’re spoiling Bennett’s return might be that the drama is even juicier than it seems — or, more likely, that there’s an even bigger reveal they’re trying to distract from.

Is Tayshia really crying after seemingly sending someone home because it was hard to say goodbye to Blake? Or is there another turn of events that has her sobbing? When the show gives its own spoilers away, you know it means there’s just another “most dramatic moment ever” on its way.


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