Matt James' New 'Bachelor' Promo: A Frame-By-Frame Breakdown

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Matt James' New 'Bachelor' Promo: A Frame-By-Frame Breakdown

Bachelor Nation, we have been blessed with a new Bachelor promo teasing Matt James' upcoming season, and, while nothing can beat a Bachelorette quitting mid-season, the drama in the promo is still absolutely riveting.

Matt's Bachelor season doesn't premiere until Jan. 4, which means not a lot is known about the new season. Sure, fans already know most of the women competing for his final rose, though a final cast list hasn't been confirmed by ABC, but this promo marks the first time we've been able to see what Matt will be like actually interacting with them. And, if it tells us anything, it's that we should be prepared for a lot of tears. Seriously, everyone is crying in this clip, including Matt.

Here's a shot-by-shot breakdown of the new Bachelor promo, and what it means for the new season.

Matt James Rocks A Turtleneck

Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

The promo starts by teasing Matt's arrival to the new "mansion," wearing a caramel turtleneck and a velvet blazer. All of his fashion choices, coupled with the red and yellow leaves of the trees around him, suggest that this new season is fully leaning into the fall aesthetic. That's already a new vibe for The Bachelor, which normally films in L.A., where winter and summer look pretty much the same on camera.

The New Bachelor Mansion

Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

Because of COVID-19 and California wildfires, filming at the actual Bachelor mansion was impossible. And, for some reason, unlike Clare/Tayshia's season, the producers decided to pick up and travel across country to film Matt's season on the East Coast. Matt's season is being filmed at Nemacolin in Farmington, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh. Believe it or not, but the palatial estate photographed above is just one of many luxurious hotel options at Nemacolin — this is called The Chateau.

Because of COVID-19, most of the season will take place just on the Nemacolin grounds to ensure a safe quarantined environment. And, just by looking at this place, it's obvious that Matt could go on multiple dates with multiple women and never even leave the Chateau.

Matt James Skateboarding Shirtless

Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

It might be fall in Pennsylvania, but Matt isn't going to let that stop him from skateboarding shirtless! I'm not really sure what the point of this shot is other than to show that Matt is a cool millennial Bachelor who does a lot of things without his shirt on. As one woman (I believe it's Serena C.) says in the promo, "He just keeps getting hotter."

Matt James Making Out In A Hot Tub With A Blonde

Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

Based on the promo, Matt's definitely not shy when it comes to sharing some smooches. The short clip shows him getting close with a handful of women, including this shot of him making out with a unknown blonde in a hot tub.

Matt James Making Out With Chelsea Vaughn

Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

Then there's this shot of Matt locking lips with model Chelsea Vaughn. (Based on her hoops, I already love Chelsea, but I am also scared that her beautiful earrings will snag on something during this intimate moment! Praying 4 u Chelsea.)

Matt James Showering

Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

Will Matt become the new king of showering on The Bachelor? It would be tough to beat Colton Underwood's shower record, but I think he could do it.

Matt James In A Turtleneck, Possibly Declaring His Love

Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

"Everything you shared are the qualities that I'm looking for in a wife," Matt tells another mystery woman while rocking a zip-up turtleneck and matching jacket. (Seriously, his fall fashion in this promo is on point.) Based on this exchange, it looks like the 28-year-old seems like a man who knows what he wants. Let's hope he's right.

Matt James Doing Various Daredevil Activities On Dates

Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

Of course, the promo teases some of the season's dates. There's one shot of Matt and a woman zip lining on the estate, and another of him and a date enjoying what looks like some kind of very windy plane ride. It seems that Matt is a thrill-seeker who likes more physical dates, so I'm betting this group will take advantage of the paint ball and partner yoga listed as "Experiences" available at Nemacolin.

A Tearful Goodbye

Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

Saying goodbye is never easy. This looks like a particularly tearful rose ceremony goodbye. Or maybe drama at a cocktail party. Or it could just be a night when emotions bubble up and a woman just needs a good cry. "All my worst insecurities are coming out," a voice says over this clip, so maybe it's a mix of all three?


Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

This woman, who I suspect might be TikToker Katie (they don't always look like their photos, please forgive me), is shown sharing a tearful confessional, saying, "I just have to hope that it's worth it." As we all know, for The Bachelor, it's only really worth it for the last woman standing in the end. Well, her, and whoever gets to be the next Bachelorette. Fingers crossed for you, girl!

More Crying

Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

Another blonde breaks down in tears, which definitely suggests things are getting dramatique.

The Black SUV

Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

This shot of Matt closing a black SUV door on an unseen contestant suggests that he won't be shy sending women home mid-date, or, at least, mid-day. Typically, most rose ceremonies occur at night, which suggests that this emotional goodbye takes place during a date, or later on in the show once the contestants are more narrowed down and start going on daytime two-on-ones.

Even More Crying

Image: Entertainment Tonight/ABC

It wouldn't be a Bachelor season without the lead shedding some tears. Matt looks visibly upset in the final moments of the new promo. Based on editing, it looks like this burst of emotion might come after a particularly hard goodbye. However, any self-respecting Bachelor fan knows not to trust the edits. He could just really be missing his BFF Tyler C.

The Bachelor premieres Jan. 4 at 8p.m. on ABC.

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