Tammy & Aaron Are 'BIP's Messiest Couple

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Tammy & Aaron Are 'BIP's Messiest Couple

Paradise is in full swing and the powers that be over at ABC have graced us with not one, but two episodes per week. While last night's episode did not disappoint in the the drama department, especially with significant others back home coming out of the woodwork, there is one couple that seems to be raining supreme on the beach: Tammy and Aaron.

They obviously look good together, but then again, there's not a bad looking soul down at the Playa Escondida. The main reason I am so into these two core is because they have one similar interest: stirring up shit. Both Tammy and Aaron love the drama, love the be in the drama, love to be near the drama. They loved it on their seasons of The Bachelor/ette and they love it now. And for that, we're thankful.

Let's recap...



  • 26
  • "Retired" frat bro turned account executive
  • May just be here for the Bromance
  • On Katie's season, Aaron seemingly talked shit to Katie about any and everyone. And whoever he wanted to go home, usually did. Thomas? Bye. Hunter? Your time is limited. Do you remember Cody? Me neither. That's because he went home very early on after, you guessed it, Aaron talked to Katie about how he's "here for the wrong reasons."

Which brings us to Monday night. On the episode, Tammy felt so inclined to start some drama that took her away from Aaron's side, leaving him alone, vulnerable, and "open" to rose chasers. (My new favorite term, by the way.) While she was gone telling James that Victoria P, had a boyfriend back home (and for what it's worth, this absolutely seemed like a good use of her time — chef kiss to drama), Serena moved in on Aaron.

What makes this potential incredible is how they responded. Tammy wasn't mad when she found out Serena made a move on Aaron. Instead, she readily accepted the challenge (her word) and upped the ante by straddling him. For his part, Aaron loved every moment of the fight for him (dude, they're fighting for your rose, let's just be honest), and had to uh, calm himself down before joining the rest of the group. Are they messy? Yes. But Paradise was made for mess!

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