'The Bachelor's Susie Is Friends With Another Bachelor Nation Alum

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'The Bachelor's Susie Is Friends With Another Bachelor Nation Alum

The Bachelor loves a doppelgänger. And one of the familiar faces this season belongs to Susie Evans, who looks like Hannah Brown, Debby Ryan, and Addison Rae rolled into one. Anyway, I digress. On Monday's episode of The Bachelor, Susie gets the first one-on-one date with Clayton, making her an early frontrunner and the one many a girl in the Bachelor mansion is probably going to be jealous of.

But there's a lot more to Susie than just her familiar features and kind demeanor. We decided to look into the contestant and see what we could learn about her life before the show started filming in September — and it turns out, she's more connected to the franchise than you'd expect.

She's From Virginia Beach

The funny thing is, there are actually three contestants this season alone from Virginia Beach: Claire (the girl who said she hated Clayton night one) and Marlena (our former Olympian) — small world. Speaking of...

She Was Miss Virginia 2020

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Similar to her look-a-like, Hannah Brown, Susie is also in pageants. Not similar to Hannah Brown, Susie is actually friends with...

She Is Friends With Caelynn

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Another Virginian and former Miss North Carolina, Caelynn and Susie are friends. Dean even said on the Help I Suck At Dating Podcast that "Caelynn is convinced that her friend will either win or become the next Bachelorette."

She Owns Her Own Business

Susie Evans Media does videography for weddings and events in the Virginia area. She is also a fitness coach for Body By Craig.

She Was A Princess

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She worked as multiple princesses at Tokyo Disney for over two years. Could Clayton be her prince charming?

She's Close With Her Family

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We know Clayton is close with his family, too, so that's all great. But what really stands out about Susie is that when it comes to family, she extends her arms out to her community.

She Volunteers At Big Brothers Big Sisters

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According to her Instagram, Susie is a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters, which partners adults with young adults for a mentorship program.

People Genuinely Seem To Like Her

Image: Reddit

Obviously take everything you read on /reddit with a grain of salt, but based on my sleuthing, she seems like a great person — no skeletons in the closet here!

Caelynn may be right, we could have a future Bachelorette in our midst if things don't work out for her and Clayton.

Image: ABC

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