Susie Just Left 'The Bachelor' After Asking Two Very Important Questions

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Susie Just Left 'The Bachelor' After Asking Two Very Important Questions

It's been clear since the beginning of the season that Clayton was not going to have an easy go of it at the end of his Bachelor journey — that's what happens when you fall in love with three women and tell all of them that. And on Tuesday night's fantasy suites episode, things started crumbling. By the end of the episode, Susie left The Bachelor in a sort of self-elimination/rejection hybrid. And it was absolutely brutal.

There's usually one person during fantasy suites week who starts spiraling at the idea that the person they want to get engaged to is possibly in love with someone(s) else and possibly having sex with someone(s) else, too. This time, that's Susie. So, naturally, her date is last, so she has the maximum amount of time to freak out.

After a day enjoying a thermal lagoon and a spa together, Susie and Clayton have dinner, and he tells her that he loves her. But, for Susie, hearing that is not enough. She needs to know if he loves Gabby and/or Rachel, too, and whether he's had sex with them, because if he does or has, she can't wrap her mind around being with him at the end. As she sees it, if he was all-in on her, he wouldn't love someone else and wouldn't want to have sex with them.

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