These 'Bachelorette' Screenshots Show The Exact Moment Michelle Lost Faith In Martin

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These 'Bachelorette' Screenshots Show The Exact Moment Michelle Lost Faith In Martin

Did Martin really just risk it all to defend Jamie? For reasons that defy all logic, Martin decided that a post-car race cuddle in a hot tub was the perfect time to talk about Jamie, the man Michelle sent home after he manipulated her and started a rumor about her dating life. It did not go over well, as evidenced by these screenshots showing the exact moment Michelle lost all her faith in Martin.

Let this be a lesson to Martin, never, ever, bring up a woman's ex on your first solo date. Seriously, Martin, I think the bleach on your hair must have gotten into your head, sir, because I cannot fathom why you would feel the need to bring up Jamie while you're sitting in a hot tub with Michelle. And hopefully, when you take a look at these screenshots, you'll realize your mistake.

Martin started off the hot tub portion of the date with a sweet toast, they were sitting next to each other, his hand was caressing her shoulder, and then he asked about how she was after things went down with Jamie. Here's exactly how it went down, and remember, this is the morning after the rose ceremony when Michelle sent Jamie packing.

Martin: "How do you feel with everything that went on yesterday? What's going through your mind?"

Michelle: "One of the things that is the hardest part for me in this situation is that you can make connections with somebody and you can feel like you trust somebody and then all of a sudden that completely dissipates, and yesterday was difficult."

Martin: "As far as the Jamie situation goes, I'm not trying to take his side or anything..."

Before Martin had even finished his thought, Michelle's expression changed from comfortable to immediately on her guard. And if she's giving you this look, that is a sign to STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Instead, Martin plowed right along.

Martin: "I just — 'cause what happens is everybody's like 'Oh, he's a rat, he's a this...'"

You can tell she's getting ready for the bomb to drop. This face says, "Oh god, what am I about to hear come out of this man's mouth?"

Here you can see her close her eyes and take a deep breath. This is a woman who is counting to ten in her head to calm herself before she deals with what is happening right now.

Martin: "And I was like, well, I don't think he's a bad person, I still think he's a hell of a man."

And....there it is. The moment Michelle's opinion of Martin changed forever. I don't think what bothers Michelle is that Martin liked Jamie, it's the confidence with which he is telling her that Jamie is a "hell of a man," and the doubt it implies in her judgment.

Yeah, what you just saw is the moment Michelle's soul left her body.

Michelle: "So you feel like I... made the incorrect decision?"

Martin tried to redirect, saying that he didn't judge her relationship with Jamie, and trying to separate his experience with him from hers, but, clearly, the damage was done.

Look at how Michelle has totally closed in on herself. His hand is barely touching her shoulder at this point. She clearly does not appreciate his comfort.

Michelle: "I need someone to trust me and my decision making, because I am a strong woman."

Martin: "Of course, but also, your relationship with Jamie is different than what the guys had, so I'm just talking in general..."

Michelle took a big deep sigh after that, and I'm honestly surprised she didn't just get up and leave right then and there.

Look, I get what Martin was getting at. Yes, obviously, his friendship with Jamie is a totally different relationship than what Michelle had with Jamie. But, you also have to trust other people when they tell you about their experiences, especially when it comes to women and the men they have dated.

Martin might be able to come back from this misfire now, but if his knee-jerk reaction to Michelle sending Jamie home, I just don't see this relationship working out. Sometimes you need someone to show you a different opinion, but sometimes you just want someone on your team to support you no matter what. Michelle is looking for a teammate, not a debate partner.

Images: ABC

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