Martin's Pre-'Bachelorette' Hair Journey Has Me Stumped

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Martin's Pre-'Bachelorette' Hair Journey Has Me Stumped

When I first saw Martin's frosted tips in promos for Michelle's Bachelorette season, I immediately saw red flags. Sir, it's 2021, not 1999, and frosted tips and the fake bleach blonde look is not cute. You might as well be wearing a neon sign that says "Brotastic" with a giant arrow pointing at your head. And now, after getting to know him a little bit, I must admit that Martin's hair journey pre-Bachelorette has me totally stumped.

Martin is clearly not afraid to embrace a little color. He wore a bright blue, red, and aqua stripped shirt on the Top Gun-themed group date this week, and his multiple piercings suggest he's not afraid to take style risks. But, just because something is risky doesn't mean it looks good, Martin. In fact, looking at a side-by-side comparison of Martin's natural hair and his bleached Bachelorette look, he looks like a completely different person.

Image: Martin Gelbspan/Instagram; ABC/Craig Sjodin

Look at the man on the left (aka Martin with what seems to be his natural hair color). Yes, he's obviously a fitness bro, but there's something calming about him. Now, look at the man on the right (aka Martin with his bleached hair). The jawline is the same, but there's something different about this guy. Would he order you a "sex on the beach" at a bar while giving you a wink? It's hard to say.

Martin hasn't always bleached his hair. Going through his Instagram, you'll see that he rocked his natural dark brown locks until June of 2020, when he bleached his entire head of hair. (This was also before he started shaving off the sides.)

[rich Embed]

Was this a quarantine-inspired at home makeover? A change born out of boredom and restless energy? Maybe, but, unlike my bangs that blissfully grew out, this bleached look has stuck. In fact, it's gone through a few more changes. Over the past year or so, Martin has dyed his hair baby pink, green, blue, yellow, and even this weird cheetah-inspired look.

[rich Embed]

What's so alarming about Martin's hair to me now is that it doesn't really match his sweet nature or personality. (This is one of those "don't judge a book by its cover" situations, I assume.) I just don't know how to reconcile frosted tips with the kind and empathetic man Martin has so far proved himself to be on The Bachelorette. Call me superficial, call me old school, but I am never going to get over Martin voluntarily choosing to go on national television with this hair color. NEVER.

Image: ABC/Screenshot via Hulu

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