Matt James Is A Nose Kisser

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Matt James Is A Nose Kisser

Matt James has gotten his fair share of kissing feedback from Bachelor fans since taking the lead on the ABC show. For the most part, that conversation is about how he kisses with his eyes open. As if there was a "Hello, we're open" sign on his eyelids — those peepers do not close. But there is another piece of this kissing puzzle that is much deeper, darker, and insidious than his eyes being open. Matt James is a nose kisser.

What is a nose kisser, you ask? Well, non-dictionary standards, it's someone who kisses, nay, makes out with someone's nose. It's not an incredibly inventive name, but when you see it, there's really no other thing to call it.

So why is this happening to us? Is this just the result of some funky camera work? Or maybe the angle in which the kiss is coming in — Matt's a tall man! — is causing him to misdirect his lips? (But wouldn't you be able to tell there was a nose... in your mouth?) Or perhaps when Matt doesn't close his eyes, he's able to have a better idea, geographically speaking, of where he's kissing. When the eyes are closed, however, it's like the wild, wild west. Anything is fair game, and in this specific piece of evidence, captured by Uncle JJ on Twitter, it was Michelle's nose.

[rich Embed]

Or am I just giving Matt too much credit. Could this just be another strange kissing technique of his?

Now, noses have become quite the topic this season on The Bachelor, especially after Matt had a nose full of highlighter after kissing Sarah on Week 2. And then it happened again, and again, and again. How did noses become the elephant at the rose ceremony and why can't we get the women on the show some stronger setting spray? These are life's mysteries we may never get answers to.

Matt and Sarah, Week 2

But perhaps the nose knows best, and all of this is just Matt sniffing out who his future partner can be. Only time, and more nose kissing, will tell.

Images: ABC

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