8 Fun Facts About Nick Viall & His Girlfriend Natalie Joy

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8 Fun Facts About Nick Viall & His Girlfriend Natalie Joy

Who knew Nick Viall would one day be the voice of reason on The Bachelorette? He's jumping into Katie's season to help her moderate a group date discussion asking the men to open up about relationships in their lives they might be ashamed of — ghosting, cheating, etc. — and it's, um, definitely going to get awkward. It might seem weird to see Viall, f*ckboi of Bach Nation, moderate such a serious date, but he's older now, wiser. And, most importantly, Nick Viall is now super happy with his girlfriend Natalie Joy, so, he might have a better perspective on what makes for a successful relationship.

Since becoming Instagram official with Natalie in February, Nick has opened up quite a bit about his relationship, which seems to be getting more and more serious by the day. "I'm thrilled," he told E! on Monday, June 21. "She's fantastic, kind, smart, obviously she's fun to look at. She keeps me on my toes — that's one of the many things I love about her."

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  • Has Natalie met other Bach alums? Yes! Natalie and Nick went on a double date with fellow Bach alums, Jared Haibon and Ashely Iaconetti in March. Ashley called her "everything we hoped he'd find." Also, my Instagram sleuthing seems to suggest that Natalie has also met Wells Adams, as the two posted photos form a New Year's Eve party that had nearly identical backgrounds. (It could be a coincidence, but it looks too similar for that, TBH.)
  • Nick & Natalie & puppy: Probably the most exciting/recent relationship update for Nick and Natalie: they got a puppy! Jeff joined the family last week, and he already has his own Instagram account.

Let's hope things between Nick and Natalie workout for the sake of that adorable pup.


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Image: Nick Viall/Instagram

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