Would You Meet Matt James At The Lake?

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Would You Meet Matt James At The Lake?

Romance. Fairytales. Horror. The latter being the theme of the week on The Bachelor finale, whether Matt James wanted it to be or not. From Chris Harrison's amount of screen time, to him undermining Patty James, to Michelle being dumped on her final two date, to the note Matt sent Rachael about the lake on The Bachelor, if you couldn't hear the Psycho music playing during Monday's broadcast, it's time to check your audio connection, my friend.

The note that had Twitter talking was in fact the final "date card" Matt sent to Rachael before the final rose. It wasn't romantic, and it wasn't reassuring. If anything, it probably instilled more fear in her than if she were to hear the words, "Chris Harrison has released a statement." It read:

Rachael - I'm so sorry for making you wait. I've had a lot on my mind these last few days. You deserve answers. Meet me at the lake. - Matt


We now know that "the lake" was really just an elaborate set up for Matt to choose Rachael (keyword choose, not propose). But if you were asked to meet Matt at the lake, you wouldn't be wrong to expect to find any of the following things:

  • The son of a camp-cook-turned-murderer exacts revenge and murders everyone
  • A swimming hole with a swing you can jump off of
  • A cook-out with Matt's "charcuterie" "skills" put on display (Ithaca Hummus included)
  • More murder
  • Beach Day a la The Office
  • At least one lake

That's right, there was no lake. Just file it under "times we were played the fool" this season on The Bachelor.

Images: ABC

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