Katie's 'Bachelorette' Suitcase, Decoded

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Katie's 'Bachelorette' Suitcase, Decoded

Looks like Katie Thurston ditched the vibrator for a different kind of electronic accessory to keep her busy during The Bachelorette. Or, that's what she wants us to believe. On Sunday, May 2, Katie teased what's in her Bachelorette suitcase, sharing a pic on her Instagram Story of a few carefully packed items with the caption "finally unpacking [eyes emoji]." And I have questions.

Katie is back home early, after wrapping her season of The Bachelorette a week ahead of schedule. And while she obviously can't tell us what happened while she was away, she can show us what she brought wither her, answering the age old question: what do Bachelorettes bring to the mansion?

If you're Katie, apparently you bring::

  • Two Nintendo N64 controller
  • What looks like a diffuser attachment for a hair dryer
  • Magnetic film for a Fuji polaroid camera
  • A TRX Suspension Trainer
  • And self-grip hair curlers.

I assume she packed her clothes and toiletries in a separate bag — she didn't show us anything else. So, for now, this is all we have to work with. Let's unpack. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Image: Katie Thurston/Instagram 

Hair Curlers & Diffuser

By far the most eyebrow-raising item in Katie's Bachelorette suitcase is the hair care. Why would the lead of the show need to bring her own hair dryer attachment and her own hair curlers? We know from previous seasons that Bachelor leads are provided with makeup artists and hairstylists, so why clutter her own suitcase with this stuff? It's possible that Katie just wanted to be prepared, or that these hair curlers are a major part of her nighttime routine she just couldn't live without. Hopefully, they were a gift from production, because the idea that Katie would have to do her own hair on The Bachelorette makes me irrationally angry.

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