Here's What Was In Katie's 'Bachelorette' Drink (Prepare The Advil)

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Here's What Was In Katie's 'Bachelorette' Drink (Prepare The Advil)

While we were busy asking, "Who's in the box?," we should have been asking... "What's in her glass?" Bach alum Jason Tartick revealed Katie's Bachelorette drink of choice on his Instagram stories during the premiere, and I have about a million follow up questions.

As Bach fans know, Jason is currently engaged to Kaitlyn Bristowe, who just so happens to be co-hosting Katie's Bachelorette season. So, during their viewing of the premiere, Jason posted a few behind-the-scenes secrets courtesy of his fiancé. Some were fun, like Kaitlyn's revelation that she and Tayshia couldn't stop singing "Dick In A Box" after Box Man (aka James) arrived. But others were straight up disturbing, like when Jason revealed that, as she was kicking off the season with a toast, Katie was drinking:

Image: Jason Tartick/Instagram

Jason was, rightfully, taken aback by this cocktail. It's the kind of mix a dedicated college senior drinks before, during, and after finals. As someone who rarely drinks more than two White Claws when I'm out and about, I figured I should research. "Maybe this is a completely normal drink for normal people, and Jason and I are just ignorant," I thought.

Well, I typed it into Google, and imagine my surprise when the first search results were for a cocktail known as "Liquid Cocaine." Liquid Cocaine is Red Bull, Champagne, and vodka, though it sounds more like a heart attack. The reason for the "liquid cocaine" name is, well, that drinking it is reportedly a lot like taking cocaine because of the mixture of caffeine and alcohol. So, yeah, it is not for the faint of heart. Granted, White Claw is far from straight vodka, so Katie's cocktail is probably much lighter on the "liquid cocaine" vibes.

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