These 'Bachelorette' Screenshots Show Jamie Being Called Out By The Men (And Not Saying A Word)

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These 'Bachelorette' Screenshots Show Jamie Being Called Out By The Men (And Not Saying A Word)

We love a play-by-play in the form of screengrabs here at The Dipp. We captured the moment Greg Grippo flipped the switch on Katie Thurston on The Bachelorette. We also documented Dr. Joe's turn during his date with Natasha on Bachelor in Paradise.

So far be it from us to hold out on the shot-by-shot screengrabs of when Jamie was being called out by the house and... didn't say a word.

Michelle, being possibly one of the most emotionally intelligent leads the show has ever seen, approached the men about a few rumors that were circulating among "the men." And by "the men," I mean the rumors Jamie told her about during their time together earlier in the day. Most of the men, in fact, hadn't even heard the rumors, and none of them seemed remotely concerned.

After clarifying that Michelle didn't know Joe beyond their brief Instagram exchange before the show and that she wasn't attached to any "light-skinned baller" either, she gave us her best teacher moment yet and opened up the room for questions. No one had a question, because no one, minus Jamie, had any idea what was going on. So Michelle excused herself and chaos ensued. Cue the screengrabs.

We first start with Jamie's face during Michelle's speech. He gave off a curious and intrigued look, despite knowing all too well what Michelle was going to say.

That last one really is channeling RHOA's "Who said that?" right?

We then transition into the "Oh No" TikTok song moment of the night, when Michelle begins to discuss how wrong the rumors were and how the latter rumor about the "light-skinned baller" is actually rather racist. I also like to call this the "Oh fuck" moment of the night.

You know when Mona Lisa and Jean Ralphio Saperstein sings "Don't Be Suspicious" on Parks & Recreation, well that's what's up next on the Rich table du jour. After Michelle departs a silent room, the men start questioning who amongst them is the snitch.

Jamie takes the "listening" approach. It's the raised eyebrow that really sells it, don't cha think?

And this is his face after Nayte says that whoever was talking to Michelle is "soft."

If Jamie doesn't give it up, the camera people zooming in really close for the one shot on him very well may.

Images: ABC

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