7 Things About Jamie From 'The Bachelorette' To Know Ahead Of His First Date

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7 Things About Jamie From 'The Bachelorette' To Know Ahead Of His First Date

If last season of The Bachelorette taught us anything, it's that getting the first one-on-one can be both a blessing and a curse. Jury's out on how it will affect Jamie Skaar, Michelle's first one-on-one, but based on promos, it looks like he gets the elusive rose on the date, only to put it in jeopardy at the rose ceremony. In anticipation of the first one-on-one, I searched high and low to find out everything about The Bachelorette's Jamie Skaar, and here's what I learned.

According to his official Bachelorette bio, Jamie is a 32-year-old "Biotech CEO" from San Diego. (Honestly, does Bachelor just have a casting office in this southern California town?) He considers himself a "world traveler," and once asked the ticketing agent to decide where he would go on his next flight — he "had an amazing week in Uruguay!" Per the bio, he's looking for woman who is "independent, driven, and always ready to head out for dinner at the newest local hot spot." He also claims he's "never watched an episode of reality TV in his life," which I find highly suspect.

He's A Fan Of Daily Mantras

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Jamie's Instagram features a handful of mirror selfies featuring handwritten motivational messages. Some are in what appears to be a living room, others in a bathroom, suggesting that Jamie spends time writing mantras on multiple mirrors daily. Each is addressed to "Young King" and say things like, "What Chains? my mind is Boundless. What Prison? My soul is Endless."

He Sells Air Filtration Systems (I think...)

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Jamie started his current company, SanctuAire in 2020 with the expressed goal of "offering comprehensive packages to address air and environmental quality." The company's website declares it "Washington's #1 indoor air optimization system," though per his Instagram caption, Jamie doesn't think there's any other company competing with them, so make of that what you will.

From what I can gather, SanctuAire is a company that sells air purifiers and other systems to filter air in your home, something that is particularly valuable in the age of COVID and climate change. It's his second company focusing on air quality — his first, Sol Solutions, is still running, per his LinkedIn, though it sounds like he had to put that company on pause during the pandemic.

As he writes in the Instagram post above, Jamie didn't actually set out to work in biotech. He originally graduated from the University of Washington in 2011 with a degree in psychology.

He Was Almost Shot When He Was 22

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In June 2020, Jamie revealed on Instagram that he was allegedly almost shot "by an older white man," calling it a formative experience that taught him "this brown skin might be the reason I die." According to Jamie, he was in a bar bathroom with a white man who insisted he step aside despite having room to pass by him unbothered. "The man stepped back in a shooting stance, reached behind his back for what was a concealed weapon," Jamie wrote, later adding, "Idk how to describe the feeling of looking someone in the eye, a few feet away, and feeling their desire and intent to kill you."

He's Very Into Wellness

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Based on his Insta, Jamie seems to be a "my body is my temple" kind of guy. In one post detailing his post-travel recovery routine, he mentions multiple fancy looking treatments like inversion therapy (aka hanging upside down for a handful of minutes), and supplements, including taking something called "horny goat complex" every day after lunch. This could be "horny goat weed," which is apparently sometimes used as an "alternative to drugs for erectile dysfunction," per Web MD, though it has also been believed to help treat osteoporosis.

Like...*Really* Into It

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One month into the pandemic, Jamie decided to share his "operation lower my stress levels" routine, and it was a doozy. This included treating himself to a homemade clay mask, using Chinese detox patches, a "24k gold mask w/ infrared thermal lamp," and a vibrating tool to "exfoliate" his face. Oh, and he did a coffee enema. "It's easy to rationalize ourselves outta doing these things (esp a coffee enema, which took me over a month to commit to trying 🤣)," he wrote on Instagram. "But if we want to perform at an exceptional level, then we have to care for ourselves exceptionally."

He Wants You To Know He Supports Women

For reasons that have yet to become clear, on Sunday, Oct. 24, Jamie took to his Instagram stories to declare his support for women. Growing up in a family of women — his mom appears to have been very important to him based on his Instagram — "taught me how to cherish all women and why being supportive is necessary." Jamie went on to say that he empathizes with the "challenges" women face because "they're not too dissimilar than being a minority." And while I appreciate the support, I gotta say it feels odd to have this statement come out completely unprompted. Jamie, you are an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

He Does Yoga Naked

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Well, he calls it "grounding" exercises, but it sure looks like yoga to me! Honestly, I cannot tell if this is a plus or not. On the one hand, I applaud him for really making the effort to get to know his body. On the other hand...how often does he replace that yoga mat?

But don't worry, Jamie isn't all about wellness trends and air filtration. He also dressed up as Black Panther for Halloween last year, so at least we know he has good taste in Marvel movies. Whether or not that can actually save him from being sent home by Michelle is another story...

Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin

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