Is Hunter Calling Out His 'Bachelorette' Edit Or Did He Just Discover Instagram Filters?

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Is Hunter Calling Out His 'Bachelorette' Edit Or Did He Just Discover Instagram Filters?

As Katie thins out her heard of suitors, The Bachelorette producers are looking for a new villain. Enter Hunter Montgomery, the aggressively competitive, totally over the cocktail party bro-code, single dad who says things like, "As far as I'm concerned, this is me and her, the rest of the way." But is he a real villain, or is he a victim of the villain edit? After "Week 5" aired, Hunter called out his Bachelorette editing on his Instagram stories, suggesting the latter. Or, at least, I think he did. Either that, or he's just discovered Instagram filters.

If you've been paying attention this season, you'll know that Hunter's edit has always been a little weird. Opening up on the Tell-All group date, he was seen as a sensitive divorced dad, but later his decision to confront Thomas about his intentions was somehow framed as both weirdly angry and noble. In "Week 5," his edit went from chaotic to full evil after he was blamed for the aggressiveness of a game of something literally called "Bash Ball" and shown as disrespecting the other guys at the cocktail party.

In a vague post Monday night, Hunter seemed to push back on his new villain status, sharing two photos side-by-side of someone standing on a dock. One features a realistic, grey and foggy horizon, the other a horizon full of bright, fluffy clouds in a blue sky. "It's hard to believe these are the same picture, just edited differently 🤷🏻‍♂️," he wrote, adding a GIF of a confused Katie surrounded by question marks.

Image: Hunter Montgomery/Instagram

At first glance, I thought he had just been messing with Instagram filters and photo-editing apps. (He is a dad, after all. It makes sense he'd be a bit behind on the Gram.) But then, I got it: he's totally calling out his Bachelorette edit. Subtle, Hunter, subtle.

OK, I'll admit, I had some context clues to help me figure it out. Primarily the fact that in his previous story, Hunter explained that his "snorting and sniffling is due to minor Tourette's, which I've had my entire life." This could just be Hunter offering up some personal information, but it feels more like his small way of rebelling against an edit that has left a lot of his journey on the cutting room floor. And Katie backed him up, specifically tweeting about Hunter's Tourettes in a reminder that "you only get to see a portion of who these men are."

[rich Embed]

Just last week, Katie hinted that there was more to her relationship with Hunter than fans are seeing. She shared an official still from "Week 4" of her and Hunter sharing cake to celebrate his sobriety — something that was left out of the episode entirely. Now, this could mean nothing. She also shared details on her convos with other men that were left out of the show. But, it's worth noting that Katie made no such attempts to defend Karl or Thomas after they left the show in disgrace.

Image: Hunter Montgomery/Instagram

Based on how "Week 5" set up Hunter vs. Aaron, it looks like Hunter is going to keep getting some degree of the villain edit going forward. But, seeing how Katie has defended him, I'm guessing he'll be redeemed by the end of the Men Tell All.


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