How Does Clayton’s Season End? This 'Bachelor' Could Be History Repeating Itself

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How Does Clayton’s Season End? This 'Bachelor' Could Be History Repeating Itself

Well folks, we are nearing the end of a very messy and chaotic season of The Bachelor. And based on the previews, it only seems to be getting messier and more chaotic. For once in my viewing experience, I am not spoiled, so I mean it when I say I truly have no idea how Clayton's season ends... and it seems like neither does Jesse Palmer, the literal host of the show.

Reality Steve got the scoop (doesn't he always?) on the Women Tell All and reported that Jesse said multiple times "I don't know how the journey ends." Hmm, that's interesting because he would have been there in Iceland to know if Clayton proposes or not, right? RIGHT?

Let's just add fuel to the fire and revisit in this preview right here...

[rich Embed]

Clayton says, "She just completely destroyed me, my hearts not in it anymore, my hearts out," when it seems like Susie may decide to leave after learning Clayton slept with Rachel and Gabby. This moment is also very reminiscent of both Peter and Madi, and Colton and Cassidy.

We definitely know that he doesn't walk away from the whole experience because there is that dramatic scene they've been teasing all season where he tells two women (which I am going to remind you, I predicted it was Rachel and Gabby back in December) that he is in love and was intimate with both of them.

But the moment I really want to draw your attention to time stamp 1:38 in this trailer...

[video Embed]

Clayton says "nobody wants to be here any more" to which his dad says, "they have a right to be upset..." This makes me think that both Rachel and Gabby do stay, but TBD on if someone accepts his proposal. But circling back to the Jesse Palmer comment from the WTA, my guess would be no.

Now although it is seeming like he is not engaged, I do think there is a possibility that Clayton could get back together with one of the final three, either after the last rose ceremony but before After The Final Rose, or even during it.

There is also a rumor/ fan theory that he could be The Bachelor...again. But I can't bring myself to go there. I just can't.

Image: ABC

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