Everything Susie & Clayton Have Said About Reuniting After 'The Bachelor'

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Everything Susie & Clayton Have Said About Reuniting After 'The Bachelor'

It's been less than a week and I am still processes the wild, crazy, and dare I say "most dramatic" season finale of The Bachelor ever. The most shocking thing is not that Clayton left the show single, or that Gabby and Rachel are duo-Bachelorettes. It's that Susie and Clayton are back together. But how? These two seemingly left Iceland on completely different pages when the show stopped filming in November. And now they're together, moving into a place in Virginia Beach, and happy? How did this come to be?

Luckily, Susie and Clayton have done their fair share of interviews over the last week where they discussed their relationship's turn of events. Even if you don't like how it happened, you have to admit... it was another successful Bachelor season. (At least for now.)

I went through their press appearances to pull together everything they've said about their relationship now to piece together what we missed from the finale to the After the Final Rose special. And it does help explain things, a bit.

On the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast the pair revealed that...

  • Susie DM'd him as soon as she got her phone back.
  • That initial conversation lasted about 5 hours.
  • They had a weekend together to figure out what they were.
  • Susie asked Clayton "to be my boyfriend."

On The Viall Files podcast Susie revealed that...

  • Susie and Clayton had that initial phone call the day she got back from Iceland.
  • During those first weeks of phone calls, they talked a lot about compatibility to figure out if they could be together.
  • During a conversation about a month ago, Clayton told Susie that she didn't have to stay with him through this because he knew how brutal it would be.
  • Clayton and Susie are going to do a road trip from Scottsdale (where Clayton has been living) to Virginia (where they're moving in together).
  • The lease ends in September and then they will reevaluate where they want to be.

During an interview with People the pair revealed that...

  • Clayton thought that the DM from Susie was a fake account.
  • Susie was waiting to tell Clayton that she loved him when they were together in person, but accidentally slipped up on the phone.

During an interview with Access Hollywood the pair revealed that...

  • The show helped them meet back up in person, secretly.

On the Tea With Publyssity podcast, the pair revealed that...

  • Post show, they took about six trips for four days each in houses in LA where they were not allowed to leave so they didn't spoil anything.
  • Susie was teaching him TikToks during these trips.

Whatever your thoughts are about Susie and Clayton, The Bachelor is a show about finding love if and these two have found it! I can't help but root for them.

Images: ABC

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