About Grocery Store Joe's Socks And Sandals Combo On 'Bachelor In Paradise'...

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About Grocery Store Joe's Socks And Sandals Combo On 'Bachelor In Paradise'...

Kendall, girl, you dodged a bullet. While everyone is obsessed with Grocery Store Joe's vibe — you know the one — he's not perfect. It was revealed on Tuesday that everyone's favorite grocer actually chooses to wear socks and sandals while on Bachelor in Paradise.

There are a few rational reasons that I could understand why Joe would choose to wear socks and sandals on the beach:

  • Sand fleas. Those little suckers are true garbage and can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned. We already know the beach is covered with tiny crabs... if Joe is trying to protect his 'lil piggies, then I suppose socks would be the way to go.
  • He thinks it looks cool.
  • He's afraid to show off a little ankle.

Joe does talk a big sock game, according to his Instagram. While not paired with sandals, Joe is rocking a pair of tall ankle socks in this photo of him living life in the big city.

Could it be? Could Joe be ankle shy? The men on The Bachelorette this past season were famously known for showing off a little ank. In fact, my colleague Lindsay Mannering officially deemed the men of Katie's season as Mankle Positive.

And the ankle recognition didn't stop when Katie and Blake got engaged. Let's do a quick check-in with the men of Paradise to see where they fall on showing a little ankle off on camera.

Do you see what I see? A lot of mankle. Even Kenny, who went with a low-top Converse sneaker for some insane reason, went either sockless or no-show sock.

So what gives, Joe? Are you ankle shy? Are you trying to keep up with the kids? Are you worried about sand mites?

Images: ABC

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