Is Rick On 'The Bachelorette' Wearing Eyeliner? A Photo Investigation...

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Is Rick On 'The Bachelorette' Wearing Eyeliner? A Photo Investigation...

We all know Rick and love Rick in the form of a table. After all, that's the MO of this Bachelorette contestant since he entered the mansion to win Michelle's heart. But when he's not a table, there's something else about Rick that has caught... my eye. Specifically his eyes. More specifically his eyeliner? Is Rick wearing eyeliner on The Bachelorette? I needed to investigate this potentially iconic makeup moment on the show.

Let's Start With Night 1...

To be clear, whatever the results are... I'm not knocking it. He looks great and we can all wish our lash line looked this pronounced. But after zooming in on this photo of him next to some gem lettuce, I do have to question this man's water line. Did he possibly take a dark brown liner to the bottom water line for a more dramatic pop? After all, he is just a head on this table, you gotta pull out all the stops, you know?

Or is it that his eyelashes are just very dark. He has lighter eyes, so maybe his eyelashes are just those of angels and allowing our eyes to focus on the lashes framing his. The longer I look, I have to say my eyes begin to play tricks on me so much that I swear I just saw the man blink. Let's investigate further...

He looks tired here, sure, but I'm not seeing eyeliner. Or am I? (I will tell you what I am seeing and that's a Jon Hamm lookalike.

Episode 2

OK, I do have to say that this photo (compared to the Night 1 Rose Ceremony photo) definitely seems more defined on the bottom lash line. Maybe it's not a liner, but a shadow tight to the lash line?

I mean, that is a defined shadow!

Since it's a toss up at this point, we decided to go straight to the source and have Michelle weigh in. She told Glamour that,

"No, he does not wear eyeliner, but he has the most beautiful dark eyelashes combined with these green eyes. So that's what you were seeing. Rick has the eyelashes that every woman wished she had."

And there you have it folks, Rick does NOT wear eyeliner, but he is the envy of man. Congratulations to Rick.

Images: ABC

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