You Gotta Admire Rick's Commitment To Being A Table, You Know?

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You Gotta Admire Rick's Commitment To Being A Table, You Know?

Some men bring ice cream trucks, others bring yard sticks... and then there's Rick who brings little gem lettuce. On The Bachelorette premiere, Rick (aka the table) rolled his way up to Michelle's welcome mat and then remained a table for what felt like nine years. And while it was probably one of the stranger limo exits we've seen on the show in recent years, you have to admit that it's that type of commitment a Bachelorette lead could only dream of finding in a contestant on the show.

Lettuce cut to the chase and just look at what this man brought to the table. We have:

  • Approximately 5-7 pieces of lettuce
  • 2 different candles for ambiance
  • A bowl of strawberries
  • Some grapes
  • Carb options
  • Rick's head

Luckily, the charade wrapped up pretty quickly after Michelle welcomed all of the men and they toasted to her journey. Once the two began chatting one-on-one, Rick realized the error of his ways and pulled the plug on the table. And in case you were wondering if it is strange to watch a grown man crouched under a table reveal himself, I'll let these photos speak for themselves.

Was it awkward? Yes. Was Michelle silent for like 15 very long seconds while he climbed out from underneath a tablecloth covered table? Yes. Was it memorable and proved that this man is willing to commit to something come hell or high water? When you put it like that, give him the rose.

Images: ABC

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